What is Really Trending? A Discussion with Simon Chadwick

MR Realities is series of podcasts in which Dave McCaughan and I discuss a wide range of topics important to marketing researchers with special guests. We ask our guests questions you would want to ask, the way you would ask them, not just what we’re interested in. And, we let our guests speak for themselves even when we disagree.

For this installment, we’ve invited Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner at Cambiar Consulting, Chairman of the Insights Association, and Editor-in-Chief of the ESOMAR magazine Research World. Simon has been in marketing research for 40 years, and few know as much about what is really happening in marketing research as he does.

MR Realities podcasts are perfect for commutes or when you’re tired of reading or staring at a computer screen! Below are links to the ones we’ve done so far, including Simon’s. They’re audio only and no registration is necessary:

“What is Really Trending?” (Simon Chadwick, Cambiar Consulting)

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“Data Science Uses, Excuses and Abuses” (Eric King, The Modeling Agency)

“Will you still need me? Marketing to Seniors” (Professor Florian Kohlbacher, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)

“The Coming Deluge of Analytics Malpractice” (Randy Bartlett, Blue Sigma Analytics)

“Semiotics: The Problem Child of Qualitative Research” (Sue Bell, Susan Bell Research)

“Tips for Marketing Researchers, Young and ‘Old'” (Professor John Roberts, University of New South Wales)

“When Bringing Technology To MR Is No Longer About Being MR Driven” (Greg Armshaw, marketing technologist)

“Thinking Mistakes Marketers Make” (Terry Grapentine, Grapentine Company)

“When Everyone is a Single Child??” (Kevin Lee, China Youthology)

“Is There Too Much Gloom and Doom About MR?” (David McCallum, Gordon & McCallum)

“AI: Reality, Science Fiction and the Future” (Mei Marker, ai-datascience.com)

“Conjoint Analysis: Making It Work For You” (Part 1) (Terry Flynn, TF Choices LTD)

“Conjoint Analysis: Making It Work For You” (Part 2) (Terry Flynn, TF Choices LTD)




“Social Media: Promises, Challenges and the Future” (Professor Raoul Kübler, Ozyegin University)

“How to Choose the Right Online Qual Method?” (Jennifer Dale, InsideHeads)

“Market Research in 2025” (Ray Poynter, The Future Place)

“Where Behavioral Economics Fits in the Customer Insight Landscape” (Bri Williams, People Patterns)

“New MR Tech We Can’t Ignore” (Leonard Murphy, GreenBook, Gen2 Advisors)

“Ethnography: Making Meaning from the Mundane” (Gordon Milne, Ipsos)

“Shiny New BS is Still BS” (Steve Needel, Advanced Simulations)

“‘Healthy’ Research in India” (Pravin Shear, krea)

“Shopper Research – What’s It Really All About?” (Mike Anthony, engage ltd)

“Real Survey Tips for Real Marketing Researchers” (Annie Pettit)

“How Marketing Researchers Can Be Better Buyers of Marketing Research” (Mark Earls, Herd Consultancy)

“Advertising Research: How We Got Here, Where Are We Going?” (Joe Plummer, Sunstar Americas Foundation)

“Marketing Mix Modeling: What’s It All About?” (Professor Mike Hanssens, UCLA)

“Myths and Misconceptions about China” (Shaun Rein, CMR)

“The Single Biggest Thing Missing in Research Today” (Ron Sellers, Grey Matter Research & Consulting)

“Things You Should Know About Data Science But Probably Don’t” (Eugene Dubossarsky, Presciient)



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