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Presented by Niall McKeown, founder of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s digital transformation frameworks, Niall is a visiting professor at Ulster University. He is also the co-author of the book The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy.

Delivered to Enterprise and Government customers worldwide, these courses empower leaders to build agile, transformed, digitally innovative organisations.

Digital Transformation Corporate Courses with for Leaders and Managers. Get In-House Certification too. 

In these courses, students receive practical, action-oriented learning suitable for decision makers regardless of technical ability.

Choose the option to suit you best: 

  • 1 Day Digital Innovator Mindset

To teach you how to understand the fundamentals of digital transformation from a leadership perspective. We look at how digital innovators outpace those ‘doing digital’ and examine how data and digital transformation frameworks can enhance decision-making and communication.

  • 2 Day Mindset & Planning

Using a practical, data-driven framework to create a proven, effective plan of action. You’ll learn how to identify, validate and quantify opportunities that create step change and win new competitive advantage for the organisation. Certified

  • 5 Day Mindset, Planning & Delivery

Claims that businesses can simply turn on innovation are false.  For innovation to work, leaders have to clear the path for change.  Learn how to create a new, sustainable, practical competitive advantage using technology that leverages existing business assets.

Get Certification and Grow Your Career with the World’s No.1 Most Practical Digital Transformation Course. 

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For those that pass Exam Course Level 2 & above, you’ll receive this Framed Certification

Advance your career in digital transformation 

  • Understand how digital leaders think, use data to plan and technology to deliver
  • Become a recognised digital transformation expert
  • Progress your career
  • Learn the world’s most advanced digital transformation framework
  • Talk the language of transformation and confidently lead teams

Learn the Answers to these Important Questions

  • We are undergoing digital transformation. Have we defined what this means?
  • How is digital transformation changing my industry?
  • Why digitising our existing product/service isn’t digital transformation
  • Why should everyone have a ‘digital mindset’ and what does that mean?
  • What are the major myths and missteps of digital transformation?
  • What practical steps should we implement to become more digitally innovative as an organisation?
  • What are the practical steps we can take to make my business more efficient leveraging technology?
  • What are the practical steps we can take to understand and take action from our analytics?
  • What are the practical ways to build digital business roadmaps?
  • What are the practical ways of building a culture of innovation leveraging technology?
  • What are the best case studies that could inspire change in our business?
  • What role does culture play in digital transformation and how can it be altered?
  • What are the leader’s, manager’s and operation’s roles when it comes to transformation?
  • How do we become more resilient to new market entrants?
  • How can I create a digital business strategy when I don’t really understand technology or digital marketing?
  • How do I evaluate new ideas or initiatives involving technology as a non-technical decision maker?
  • Who are the key people to lead digital transformation?
  • What is more important – business strategy or technology and how do I integrate the two?
  • What do I need to know in order to plan for the next 1, 5 or 20 years?
  • How do we recognise events that could trigger a major disruption in our industry?
  • How can I better understand our position in the digital space and what we can do to change it?
  • Should digital transformation not be left to the technology teams?

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