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Top Picks 

Digital Transformation Changes How Companies Create Value

An article from Harvard Business Review by Marshall W. Van Alstyne

 and Geoffrey G. Parker co authors of The Platform Revolution and founders of the Platform Strategy Institute 

More and more, value creation comes from outside the firm not inside, and from external partners rather than internal employees. The authors call this new production model an “inverted firm,” a change in organizational structure that affects not only the technology but also the managerial governance that attends it.

Focus on execution for digital transformation at scale: An introduction to Hacking Digital

A brief look at what promises to be the book of year for anyone hoping to travel the journey of digital transformation successfully. 

 Much has been written on the what and the why of digital transformation but it’s execution where most have struggled. In this IMD book club session co authors Michael Wade, Didier Bonnet and Tomoko Yokoi introduce some of the key areas covered in their new book Hacking Digital: Best Practices to Implement and Accelerate Your Business Transformation

  • Choosing the Right Governance Model – Didier Bonnet 
  • How Digital Leaders Can Establish & Maintain Credibility – Tomoko Yokoi
  • How To Scale Digital Initiatives – Michael Wade 

“Stop talking about data! Let’s start talking about value” Bill Schmarzo

 A post by Bill Schmarzo value focused “Dean of Big Data,”, thought leader and Customer Advocate, Data Management Incubation at Dell Technologies

 He says:

“In order to provide a clear “line of sight” from data to value means that we must partner on day zero with the business stakeholders to understand their value creation initiatives ….. we must transition this conversation from a technology to a business outcomes conversation.”

 What is Organisation Design?

Sergio Caredda is an experienced and innovative HR professional dedicated in improving the way organizations achieve results through their people. This is one of a series of articles on organization design from his blog which you’ll find is a rich source of information on the topic. 

Managing SPOF (Single Point Of Failure)

Peter Maddison shared this episode of the excellent Definitely, Maybe Agile podcast series. He says:

 “Have you ever worked in an organization where there is one person who seems to hold the keys to the kingdom? Where every project or change in the system depends on that one person?” 

Why Your New Strategy Will Fail

By Sam Spurlin Partner at The Ready, an organizational design and transformation partner

Shared by Rachel Happe who says: “This is an excellent read about the declining effectiveness of traditional strategy development.

Until we create adaptive governance models, organizations will cycle through boom and bust cycles of creating strategies, investing in momentum, and running into the metaphorical brick wall of culture, processes, and mindsets.”

The biggest reason for failure of innovation is a lack of strategy

 By Narjeet Soni 

 I think, one of the biggest reasons for failure of innovation is a lack of STRATEGY. Both company and innovation strategy.

 📊According to a McKinsey poll, 94% of the managers across companies surveyed said that they were dissatisfied with their company’s innovation performance. It’s because when you don’t have a clear company strategy, every division might move in its own direction of innovation 😭, without knowing what value their initiatives bring.

Author Talks: Beyond collaboration overload

“Collaboration overload” is a major source of stress, burnout, and exhaustion at work. A new book describes how to collaborate better, thus improving work performance and even well-being.

 In this edition of Author Talks, McKinsey Global Publishing’s Tom Fleming talks with Rob Cross, the Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College and the cofounder and director of the Connected Commons consortium.

 In the book Beyond Collaboration Overload: How to Work Smarter, Get Ahead, and Restore Your Well-Being (Harvard Business Review Press, 2021), Rob Cross reveals how high performers collaborate in ways that enable them to be 18 to 24 percent more efficient than their peers while simultaneously improving their well-being. Here’s an edited version of a conversation in McKinsey’s Author Talks, with McKinsey Global Publishing’s Tom Fleming. 

The Three Dimensions of Business Ecosystem Leadership

 By Roland Deiser Thought Leader | Speaker | Advisor

 Many executives in the midst of digital transformation realise now it is not enough just to harvest the low hanging fruit by leveraging digital technology to improve products, processes, and existing routines but in order to achieve growth and innovation they must also embrace the dynamics of business ecosystem too which means a radical rethink the foundations of strategy, organization, and leadership.

Customer-Centric Innovation? Sure, But With Which Customers?

By: Patrick Giry-Deloison Operational Consultant, Business Coach, Professor of Business & Marketing

 Today, putting customers at the heart of innovation is a no-brainer for most business managers. However, should the innovation process involve all customers or only specific segments? In this article we explore the hurdles of these initiatives and propose a method to select the most relevant customers with whom to innovate.

Quantum computing use cases are getting real—what you need to know: McKinsey

As breakthroughs accelerate, investment dollars are pouring in, and quantum-computing start-ups are proliferating. Major technology companies continue to develop their quantum capabilities as well: companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft have already launched commercial quantum-computing cloud services.

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