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Opening up strategy: discussion with Prof.s Christian Stadler and Julia Hautz from Lancefield On The Line

 How to do open strategy skillfully and why it matters. David Lancefield speaks with Professors Christian Stadler and Julia Hautz, two of the four authors of the book ‘Open Strategy: Mastering Disruption outside the C-suite


Four Principles to Make Progress without Being Perfect

Ranked as the #1 management guru by Business Week, Dave Ulrich Speaker, Author, Professor, Thought Partner on Human Capability shares four principles for taking action and progressing that do not require perfection.

These principles apply to:

Strategy: we don’t have to have the perfect product or service to go to market

Operations: we don’t have to have flawless execution to get started

Technology: we don’t have to have the perfect technology solution to go digital

Human Capability: we don’t have to have perfect people, leaders, or organizations to get things done


Majorities May Rule, But It’s Small Groups That Drive Change Forward

 Greg Satell Author of ‘Cascade: How to Drive A Movement That Drive Transformational Change’ recently shared this post on LinkedIn he says:

The reason that most transformational efforts fail is that they try to convince everyone at once. Change consultants have promoted the myth that you need to start with a bang, with a big kickoff campaign that “creates a sense of urgency” about change. However Greg presents some data that suggests that you’re much better off focusing on:

  • Small groups, 
  • Loose connections
  • Shared purpose. 

 Do you have an idea for change? Connect with Greg and get some help. 


The Questions Every Corporate Innovation Leader Asks About Culture, Answered.

 Maija Palmer Innovation editor at Sifted posted this article recently. She says:

“Why is culture so often an afterthought?

How important is it to link culture and compensation?

Can cultural change succeed without the CEO?

How should the CEO best support it?

Innovation leaders ask these questions about culture change over and over again. We put them to Herminia Ibarra, professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School.


Developing Strategy for New Customer Expectations

Companies and leaders must reexamine key assumptions about customer behavior in order to deliver value in the post-pandemic era.

This article by George Westerman Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan and co Author of Leading Digital was published by Sloan Management Review and shared by Scott Newton Managing Partner at Thinking Dimensions

The article addresses some common assumptions of what customers really want: 

  • Customers want the human touch.
  • In person is better than digital.
  • People won’t pay full price for a digital version of a product/service.
  • Pandemic-era service restrictions are only temporary.
  • The old way was the right way.

The Secret Sauce To Achieve Outcomes With Journey Mapping

By Annette Franz Keynote Speaker, Coach and author of ‘Customer Understanding:Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience’

In this post, Annette says:

“There’s a lot of bad press out there about journey mapping. And there’s a lot of bad journey mapping (or what people think is journey mapping). Remember this… it’s not just a tool; it’s a process. Here’s the secret sauce that most people don’t take into account when journey mapping.”


 Is Digital Transformation Missing the Real Opportunity?

John Hagel is Trusted Advisor, Global Speaker, Futurist, Best Selling Author | Founder, Beyond Our Edge | Consultant & Board Member. In his latest article he offers a contrarian view of digital transformation. 

 He says: 

“Everyone is talking about digital transformation these days, but I have to confess that I am a bit of a contrarian on this topic. I’ve spoken a lot about this in recent years, but the catalyst for writing this post was a session on digital transformation at a conference that I just attended.”


3 Reasons Integration Should Be a Primary Digital Transformation Priority 

Isaac Sacolick is a top CIO/CDO and digital transformation advisor and author of the best selling book ‘Driving Digital, The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology’.

Here he is in his series ‘5 Minutes with @NYIke’ discussing the primary areas of where most SMBs and large enterprises fail to integrate: ERP, CRM, HR, Marketing Automation, ITSM, Agile, DevOps, collaboration and other systems. He then shares the five different types of integration platforms and recommends prioritizing integration in digital transformation programs.


Starting a marketplace begins with a clear understanding of your goals, expectations and plans.

 If you are interested in ecommerce, market places and commentary on strategy and key players you’d do well to follow the work of Rick Watson a specialist in ecommerce consulting.

His recent post on Linkedin addresses some questions around starting a market place.


Collaborative Data Ecosystems: Paper & Panel Discussion

 From traditional data exchange and monetization to modern data sharing and co-creation, data ecosystems are integral to the new “experience economy”. Whether in the public or the private sector, turning those ecosystems into tangible value for organizations and end-users demands a solid foundation.

This discussion looks at how data sharing ecosystems and collaboration networks are creating economies of scale and competitive advantage for participants across industries, from financial services to automotive, aviation and many more.


Priyanka Jha, Manager, Value Proposition at AXA

Anne Laure Thieullent, Executive Vice President – Data, AI & Analytics Group Offer Leader at Capgemini

Valérie Perhirin, Managing Director, Insight driven Enterprise at Capgemini Invent

Maribel Lopez, Moderator and Author, Writer for Forbes, Founder of Lopez Research


Building the Future Organisation: 12 Predictions for HR in 2022

 With people at the core any transformation and arguably the most important source of sustained competitive advantage it’s important to acknowledge the ever increasing importance of HR in building the future organisation. 

Here David Green, a globally respected writer, speaker, conference chair and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work shares his annual set of predictions for 2022, which envisions how HR can orchestrate the path to hybrid as part of building the fairer, healthier and more inclusive organisation of the future.

He’s crowdsourcing predictions 11 and 12, so please join the conversation and offer your suggestions in his post.


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