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Top Picks 

Finding the Right Balance — and Flexibility — in Your Leadership Style

 An article by Jennifer Jordan, Michael Wade, and Tomoko Yokoi shared on LinkedIn. Michael Wade introduces:

 “Want to became a great leader? Jennifer Jordan, Tomoko Yokoi and I think most people are going about it the wrong way. It’s not about becoming the best version of yourself… That’s so 2019! See the results of our latest research via Harvard Business Review online.”

What is Web3 and Why It Matters

 A great share by Ofir Bloch as he alerts us to this analysis of Web3 by Dion Hinchchliffe. Dion is an internationally recognized thought leader, IT expert, enterprise architect, bestselling book author, frequent keynote speaker, analyst, and transformation consultant.

 Ofir introduces his piece:

 “Imagine trying to explain the internet, ecommerce and SaaS to someone back in 1984. 🤯

That’s where we are today with Web3 technologies.”

My First Impressions of Web3

Shared by Scott Newton Managing Partner at Thinking Dimensions.

 Scott introduces the article by entrepreneur, cryptographer, and computer security researcher Matthew Rosenfeld as follows:   

 “What do you think?

 Will “Web3” as it is popularly called usher in a new age of business models and bring back control of your personal data?

 Are NFTs what you think they are, and how might they be manipulated?

 One of the most well known American entrepreneurs in privacy and technology explains his concerns with the infrastructure, business models, and current approaches to Web3 that leave us all with risks and barriers to consider.”

Digital Transformation – Where is the ROI?

 By Geoffrey Moore Author, speaker, advisor, best known for Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win with the latest book being The Infinite Staircase.

 He begins: 

 “People are approaching #DigitalTransformation from the wrong end. Don’t focus on the digital and look for the ROI. Instead, focus on a material net gain in ROI and look for the digital that can deliver it.”

 How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs: McKinsey

An article shared by Dorsaf Bejaoui Kammoun  

Chief Human Capital Officer #Digital Transformation Enabler

 This article from McKinsey starts: 

 “As organizations launch more and more digital initiatives, CEOs must monitor whether they are delivering business results. These metrics are ones to watch.

Book Recommendation: Doing Agile Right

Gavin Deadman Product Lead at Betfair (Flutter Entertainment Plc) recently recommended Doing Agile Right by Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk, Steve Berez

He says:

“The majority of modern enterprise businesses now have a classic Scrum team setup (engineers and PO), but still wonder how they can respond to customer feedback quicker/more frequently, get ahead in the market, and innovate whilst protecting/growing revenue.

 If you’re wondering this or generally interested in Agile, this book by Darrell Rigby is for you and will give you a very well balanced overview of what those next steps look like to unlock the benefits of Agile across the business, and introduces you to the concept of an Agile enterprise which allows bureaucracy and innovation efforts to coexist without the need for a big-bang approach.”

Reframing the CXO Conversation: From “Data Monetization” to “Value Creation”

By Bill Schmarzo the value focused “Dean of Big Data,”, thought leader and Customer Advocate, Data Management Incubation at Dell Technologies

 “As data becomes the ubiquitous source of economic value creation, organizations need an end-to-end data-driven value creation lifecycle that speaks to and aligns the business executives and the data and analytics teams around the CEO business mandate to unleash the business (or economic) value of the organizations vast data reserves. 

 The over-arching challenge is:

How do we transform Data Management into a Business Value Creation€ Discipline that is worthy of C-suite attention, focus and strategic investment (and not just another technology activity)?”

80+ key reads on platform-ecosystem thinking you may have missed!

An exceptionally useful and very generous share by Simone Cicero CEO at Boundaryless and the Original Creator of Platform Design Toolkit.

He says i”t took me a while this year to collect and share 80+ key reads on platform-ecosystem thinking you may have missed!

Check it out: they cover #marketplaces, #platforms, #ecosystems, #policymaking, #web3, #organizationalinnovation and much much more!”


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