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Aligning Your Entire Organization Around the Customer: Continuous Product Design

A great share by Didier Bonnet co author of Leading Digital and the new book Hacking Digital: Best Practices to Implement and Accelerate Your Business Transformation Co authored by Michael Wade, Tomoko Yokoi and Nikolaus Obwegeser. Didier says:

“Great to be able to contribute to this HBR piece about aligning your entire organisation around the customer. So obvious and yet, so important to remind ourselves of what it’s all about. Humbling to be among people that have been serious scholars of digital transformation over many years like David Rogers and Amy Edmondson and many others, let’s keep pushing the envelope, there’s so much we can still learn…”

You don’t need an innovation lab.You need a strategy lab.

The odds of a new startup being able to make a sizeable difference to a corporate are 500 to 1. The chances are higher if corporates use existing assets.

An excellent article published on by Maija Palmer looking at the work of Lysander Weiss Partner at Venture idea and co author of ‘The corporates strike back, will be published in 2021 with Springer

How good are you at business building? A new way to score your ability to scale new ventures

Dr Ralph Christian-Ohr innovation expert shared this interesting analysis by McKinsey & Company, based on review of more than 200 scaled corporate new businesses around the world, to understand why only one in five new businesses launched in the past ten years has successfully scaled.

Design thinking, explained

Coming up with an idea is easy. Coming up with the right one takes work. With design thinking, throwing out what you think you know and starting from scratch opens up all kinds of possibilities.

This  article by Rebecca Linke appeared in MIT in 2017 and was recently shared with an excellent summary by Bill Schmarzo that captures the essence of design thinking and why it’s important.

Learn or Die with Ed Hess: The Innovation Show Hosted by Aidan McCullen

“How do you create an #HPLO – a High Performance Learning Organization? You need the #RightPeople in the #RightEnvironment using the #RightProcesses. You need a science-based behavioral approach not just a conceptual approach.” Ed Hess 

Pure serendipity LinkedIn led me to a post by Ed Hess and his appearance on what I now know to be an exceptional show The Innovation Show with Aidan McCullen. Ed is Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia and author of many books. His latest being  : “Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization” (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2014); Hess & Ludwig: “Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age” (Berrett-Koehler, 2017) and my new book is “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt at the Speed of Change” (Berrett-Koehler, 2020).

10 Questions to Ask Before You Believe in a Business Model

By Rita McGrath from her ThoughtSparks series. 

Some business models are inherently more attractive than others, yet investors and other stakeholders often don’t ask the obvious questions. Here’s a checklist that makes sure you are not one of them.

Leaders, Stop Trying to Be Heroes

Hortense le Gentil is a leading global executive coach and the author of the widely acclaimed Aligned: Connecting Your True Self with the Leader You’re Meant to Be. Here’s her excellent piece from HBR shared by Rita McGrath.

For decades, the traditional view was that to be successful, business leaders had to be infallible, unflappable, in control, and fearless. These leaders appeared to be born hero leaders, however they are no longer what companies need. For the  most effective leadership today it’s about being human, showing vulnerability, connecting with people, and being able to unleash their potential. The author presents three steps that leaders can take on their journeys from hero leader to human leader. 

David Snowden on Culture as Emergent and Why it Can’t be Built: The Work Podcast Series

Thank you to Timm Urschinger for sharing this episode of The Work 

 with Dave Snowden speaking about how we can better understand organisational culture through the complexity lens. Dave is a pioneer complexity thinker, Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge, and the creator of the Cynefin Framework.

The why, what and how of future-fit cultures

A useful post by Geoffrey Marlow an expert in organisational culture – succinct and to the point. He says:

“Our world was becoming ever more uncertain and unpredictable long before Covid-19 took things to a whole new level. The future most definitely ain’t what it used to be, and organisations need to shape up. This recently released nine minute video sets out the why, what and how of future-fit cultures.”

Peter Thiel: Artificial General Intelligence isn’t happening.

In his talk  at COSM 2021, venture capitalist and philanthropist Peter Thiel — the ultimate Silicon Valley insider, prophet, and sometimes needed gadfly — offered a cold shower for transhumanism, The Singularity, the computers we will supposedly merge with by 2030, and all that.

That whole transhumanist movement is slowing down, he told COSM 2021. But, he adds, What IS happening should sober us up a lot

The unmistakable signs you are participating in Fake Agile theater!

Help, I’m trapped in a swamp of agile mumbo jumbo…An article posted recently on Medium by Sjoerd Nijland and shared by Scott Brinker 

What Is The Metaverse? Facebook’s Strategy And How Microsoft, Disney, and Amazon Could Win

By Josh Bersin Global Industry Analyst answers the question what is a Metaverse?

Simply put he says, a Metaverse is a digital space represented by digital representations of people, places, and things. In other words, it’s a “digital world” with real people represented by digital objects.

Many vendors will play in this space. Facebook, of course, chose to rename their entire company to make a point. Microsoft (as the article explains) already has a major presence. But it’s going to be far bigger. In fact, every tech company, retailer, and entertainment business wants in.

180 Days Immersed in The AWS Universe: How J& Food Went Digital

An article written by Philippe Abdoulaye which became the foundation for his best selling book Transforming Your Business With AWS: Getting The Most Out Of Using AWS to Modernize and Innovate Your Digital Services. Written for educational purposes, through the story of Julienne & Simone (J&S) Food’s digital transformation, the article takes the reader (CIO, CTO, Architect) on a learning journey of how businesses must take advantage of the power of AWS to go digital and lead their industry.


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