The Digital Transformation People Newsletter #7

Welcome to issue #7. Many organisations still don’t ‘get’ digital transformation but those that do are surging ahead. The tsunami wave is still forming, the tide is out and when it turns I expect for many it’ll be a case of too little too late. Some good articles here to help you stay ahead in digital transformation. ~ Tim Ellis


The 2017 State of Digital Transformation
By Brian Solis
Companies that are excelling in Digital Transformation are prioritising the digital customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) to learn, identify gaps and opportunities, and define innovation roadmaps. They are spending more money than ever in innovation programs to leverage today’s digital reality. Many however are not and may pay the price.

Top 10 Trends For Digital Transformation In 2018
By Daniel Newman

We’re in the final quarter of 2017 and t’s been an eventful year in digital transformation. As predicted last year, user experience (UX), big data, smart machines — and of course, change itself—have proven big players in the business landscape. As we round the bend to 2018, we get a sense of what’s ahead in the digital transformation—barring any unexpected disruptions.

Why Banks Should Reinvent Banking in the Era of Platform Economy
By Deepth Rajan

Six of the ten most valuable companies in the world are platform companies. But none of those six is a bank. Banks are late to the platform party. Now, this industry is set on transforming itself from impassable monolith to nimbler organisation – open to new kinds of partnerships.

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Digital@Scale: Transformation Playbook
Authors Jürgen Meffert and Anand Swaminathan offer a blueprint for reinventing the core of a business.  And here to whet the appetite is a summary from Rob Llewellyn Transformation Advisor, and influencer founder of CXO Transform.

Driving business transformation with digitalization
By Kumar Parakala

Preparing their companies to deal with disruption is a top priority for many global boards in 2017, with cybersecurity and disruption risks rated among the top challenges. Kumar Parakala however believes business leaders are grossly underestimating the challenges of disruption and convergence of technologies.

The next-generation operating model for the digital world
By Albert Bollard, Elixabete Larrea, Alex Singla, Rohit Sood

Companies need to increase their revenues, lower their costs, and delight their customers. Doing that requires reinventing the operating model.


The Mechanics of Employee Experience Design: What Optimal EX Design Looks Like
Jeff Wellstead looks at the mechanics of creating an optimal Employee Experience Design process. Not just as an effort to create a ‘nice place to work,’ but rather to devise a commercially competitive organisation – to win out over the disruptive forces being undertaken in every industry and every organisation globally.

A 10-Point Framework for the Digital Journey
By Charles Galunic, INSEAD Professor of Organisational Behaviour 

Digitisation is here to stay, so organisations should consider treating it as a long-term investment.


AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants
By Barry Libert and Megan Beck

Is it only a matter of time before management teams can ask Alexa “Who is the biggest risk to me in our key market?”, or “How should we allocate our capital to compete with Amazon?” and “How should I restructure my board?”

Cloud Is Not a Digital Transformation Strategy (Unless You Are Amazon)
By Jedidiah Yueh, Author of Disrupt or Die

In 2002, Unbeknownst to the rest of the world Jeff Bezos quietly refactored Amazon into a platform company. He applied an IT architecture (SOA) to the culture, processes, and organisational structure and sent an internal mandate demanding that Amazon teams communicate with each other by exposing “their data and functionality through services interfaces.” Anyone who disobeyed the mandate would be fired.

Beyond Moore’s Law
By Daniel Burrus

If you or your organisation are thinking that advances in technology are going to come at a slower pace than they have done so far, think again. You may be buying into a false sense of security and even complacency that could leave you behind as Innovation and Change continue to grow exponentially. That can be a dangerous place to be in.


Adaptability: The Key Leadership Trait In The Digital Transformation
By Daniel Newman
Many leaders today risk becoming fossils in the digital ecosystem if they can’t adapt to the changes happening in our current digital transformation. A few tips from Daniel Newman to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Time is Worth More Than Money
By Alexander Osterwalder
If your job is to nurture innovation in your business then here’s a tip from the master of innovation himself Alexander Osterwalder thought leader and Co-Founder of Strategyzer.


The rise of People Analytics & its impact on HR & the Future of Work
With the global people analytics market predicted to grow by 15% CAGR to over $1Billion by 2022, the timing of the East Coast edition of the People Analytics & Future of Work conference in Philadelphia could hardly have been better.
Here, David Green, Global Director, People Analytics Solutions at IBM dives into the key takeaways from the event. 

The Four Ways to Manage Digital Talent and Why Two of Them Don’t Work
By Kristine Dery and Ina Sebastian
High-performing companies focus on the digital capabilities to connect people with each other, with ideas, and with the broader world. At the same time, these companies are deploying very different leadership capabilities — actively building test-and-learn environments.

“Humans are not either thinking machines or feeling machines, but rather feeling machines that think.”
~ Antonio Damasio


Corporate Culture Dictates the Success or Failure of Digital Transformation
Culture Should be at the Top of any CXO Agenda.
Brian Solis explains why.

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