The Digital Transformation People Newsletter #6

Welcome to issue #6.  An emphasis on strategy and customer experience, and in case you missed it; some research on the shared characteristics of those exceptional firms that manage to successfully transform their businesses and push into new growth markets. How to achieve success in Digital Transformation; key insights, strategies and case studies for success in Issue #6


Why CX + DCX is Accelerating Digital Transformation and Market Relevance
By Brian Solis
Digital transformation often begins as digital adoption across multiple business and functional silos lacking any coherent overarching digital transformation strategy. However the connected customer now demands an omnichannel customer experience and it is this which compels leadership to officially sanction digital transformation. Some good links here from Brian Solis on the importance of omnichannel and customer experience.

Convergence of the Digital Giants
By Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy
As digital giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft move from a dominant service to a portfolio of tens or even hundreds of products and services, we are going to see a significant muddying of the digital waters.

The Essential Digital Strategies
By Dion Hinchcliffe
Despite seemingly endless advances and emerging technologies, many of the key insights, strategies, and lessons in the digital age have still yet to be discovered.
Therein lies the opportunity for most of us.


The Seven Pillars of Building a Competitive Digital Business
Is your company committing random acts of digital? How to start your digital transformation

Target Operating Models & Roadmaps for Change
For those of you embarking upon transformation, Gary Burke considers the key factors required to navigate the most direct route to a new Target Operating Model.

How to make sure your digital transformation succeeds
Successful digital transformations require clarity, urgency, and planning. Jürgen Meffert, co-author of Digital @ Scale, explains how it’s done.

Digital is a Strategic Vehicle for Business Disruption
Case Study: 12 key takeaways from Ray Wang and Val Afshar’s DisruptTV conversation with CDO Shawn Mandel on the incredible digital transformation at Telus.


The Real Challenge for Digital Transformation Is Not Your Technology
Technological change is sweeping pretty much every organisation on the planet. And whilst the impact of this change on our legacy systems and the mammoth task of introducing new technologies and processes is, and should be, a huge consideration for CIOs, it shouldn’t be the only thing keeping them up at night. By Steve Weston

People keep on asking the wrong question about digital transformation
Are you digital enough?  Or should you just stop asking…
By Michael Wright


Mainframes Can Be Cool!
By Simon Ratcliffe
If you think we should ditch mainframes think again. According to Forrester mainframe systems are essential to 92 of the top 100 banks globally, all 10 of the top 10 insurers and 23 of the world’s largest airlines. Pulling the plug would cause chaos globally!

Digital Transformation: Strategy Push or Technology Pull?
By Niall McKeown
“If we understand what the technology is capable of, we will be in a better place to tell you how our organisation can leverage it” – says one business leader.
“This is what we want the business to achieve and how we’re going to get there. Go find technology that helps make this happen” – says another. So which comes first?


Digital Transformation: Who’s in Charge?
Digital transformation projects need speedy implementation, which often means bypassing IT.

Digital Transformation 2017: Strategy, Returns on Investment, and Challenges.
Written by Mary Shacklett
Data analysis by Cynthia Correa
Seven out of ten participating CIOs said they had no formal digital transformation plan. In itself, this isn’t necessarily bad news for companies…


How to Close the Digital Talent Gap in the Age of Digital Transformation?
Digital transformation is taking over the world way too fast. According to Capgemini research, 77 percent of companies consider the lack of digital skills to be the key hurdle on their way to digital transformation. And we aren’t just talking about marketers and IT specialists either..


You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.
~ Steve Jobs (1997)


What the Best Transformational Leaders Do
Digital transformation case studies that show successful strategic positioning of a firm are few and far between. However, in a study of S&P 500 and Global 500 firms Scott Anthony and Evan Schwartz found those leading the most successful transformations share common characteristics and strategies. So which exceptional firms did they rank most highly and what can we learn?

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