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The Digital Transformation People Newsletter #5

Welcome to Issue #5 and more of the best articles, views and how to’s from the world of digital transformation.

Competing in a world of sectors without borders
By Venkat Atluri, Miklos Dietz, and Nicolaus Henke
Digitization is causing a radical reordering of traditional industry boundaries. What will it take to play offense and defense in tomorrow’s ecosystems?

New Post*Shift Report: Reboot Your Strategy For A Digital Age
‘What is needed is not a ‘digital strategy’ but a ‘strategy in a digital age’.  What does this mean? Find out in this excellent article by Post*Shift’s Laura-Jane Parker


Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation
by Neil Perkin and Peter Abraham
The second of our excerpts is ©2017 and reproduced with permission from Kogan Page Ltd.
The decisions we make around how we choose to build, structure and apportion our capability have a fundamental impact on our ability to deliver our strategy but also our capacity to be more agile. So what do we mean by agility in resourcing?

What is digital transformation and what does it really mean for you and your organisation?
What exactly is Digital Transformation and why is it important?… an interview with Digital Works’ Richard Morecroft

Has my public sector transformation programme got too big?
Jack Perschke of Atos explains that while your Digital Transformation programme has got too big and will (more than likely) fail, fortunately he has the solution!

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Culture for a digital age
By Julie Goran, Laura LaBerge, and Ramesh Srinivasan.
Culture is the most significant self reported barrier to digital effectiveness. Executives must be proactive in shaping and measuring culture, approaching it with the same rigor and discipline with which they tackle operational transformations.

5 Firms with Innovative Company Cultures
Which firms have corporate cultures that you admire?
Here are 5 top picks from Endri Hasanaj

Enough about the ‘Hype’ surrounding Employee Experience. Here’s the point.
“If you want to blow the doors off the competition, reshape your market, invent the next iPhone or ubiquitous search engine then look to maximising Employee Experience (EX)…getting this right is the magical formula to winning every race in the book” ~ Jeff Wellstead


Why Intelligent Automation Is Essential to Digital Transformation
The urgent and, now, the universal Digital Transformation imperative and the explosion of Cloud apps and APIs unleashed by it has changed everything. But there are the two major problems holding back companies today: one is a technology gap in the technical capabilities required to for modern integrations and a social gap in the form of Business-IT divide.
Vijay Tella of Workato argues that a new paradigm is required .. Intelligent Automation.

Security in the Cloud: What has changed?
The move to cloud brings scalability, flexibility and competitive advantage but what of security in the cloud .. what needs to be done? by JC Gaillard of Corix Partners.

Digital Transformation and the Leadership Quandary
“Leading through the network is the only way to tap into broad enough talent, diverse ideas, and local action to accomplish the large scale changes that must be achieved today.”  Discover why it is vital to the success of your Digital Transformation in this excellent piece by Dion Hinchcliffe


Talent is Key to Successful Industrial Digital Transformation
How can you identify the best talent for accelerating digital industrial transformation in your business? Jennifer Waldo chief human resource officer at GE Digital, explores.

How to Find Talent that Drives Digital Transformation
In this article, Dan Hughes explores 4 ways companies can source the talent they need to drive digital transformation and ensure long-term commercial success.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
Henry Ford


Exclusive to The Digital Transformation People:
An in-depth summary of Didier Bonnet’s classic book “Leading Digital – Turning Technology Into Business Transformation” that really set the standard for literature on digital transformation.
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