Podcast: The Marketing Man

Talking to Mark is always a pleasure. I can’t remember an occasion where any interaction with the man was negative. Chapter Two in this series is, for that reason, a good conversation. And that’s what I’m looking for, good conversations.

Mark Schaefer (@MarkWSchaefer) is a blogger, author, keynote speaker and an educator, but first and foremost.., he’s a Marketing Man.

With his books and his (free) blog he’s shown to be a guy who “gets it”, and as a highly wanted keynote speaker and educator, he’s proven to also be quite capable of communicating his knowledge and experience to an audience, which makes him stand out and a perfect guest.

Getting Digital Transformation

I know that “getting it” is somewhat of a whimsical term.., but that is what this modern age is truly all about.

In fact, any big change is about getting what the change is about, and not just naming the symptoms, it’s about understanding the fundamental reasons of these changes. What caused them to happen, how is it affecting us, or your business, and most important, what do you need to do to survive this change.

The Content Code

This is a great example of my earlier point. In this book Mark goes into the changes in our world from a (online) marketing perspective. Despite the fact that the online world becomes more and more saturated, there is always a way to get out on top.

Consequently we talk about how companies (and people) don’t keep up with the times. The Content Code explains that we think we play by the rules, but these rules change all the time, and by the time you think you get it, your probably already behind.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many play the catch-up game.

However, some don’t and fall behind, then again, some work hard to stay ahead of the game, and they’re the once with the advantage.

Having this discussion with Mark gives a bit more of an insight into what mindset you need for this Digital Transformation.

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