Podcast: About Digital Transformation

This first chapter takes a look at Digital Transformation as a concept, as a thing in our society. I talk to Lee Bryant and we follow his entrepeneurship over the past 10+ years to get a taste of the journey of the enterprise towards, and into, the 21st Century.

Lee Bryant
While running an agency in the late 90’s, which was specialised in building knowledge sharing applications, he noticed that blogging software was better than what they were making, and free.

Noticing this change drove him, and others with him, to start Headshift. Here they play into the developing technology which becomes available to more people (e.i. The Web).

Headshift was aquired by the Dachis Group and eventually Lee founded, again with others, Post*Shift. Arguing that the shift into this new (digital) age already happened, and that now, guidance throught the transformation is key.

About Digital Transformation

This post shift age, which was brought about by minutarising the transistor and creating the microchip is nothing anyone alive today has experienced before. And what followed is a journey of technological advancement supported by human engagement on an unprecedented scale.

However, according to Lee (@LeeBryant), the real barriers to achieving transformation (i.e. successfully adapting to this new age) are politics, culture and structure inside organisations, and unless you address those, you can’t really go beyond having nice to haves, you can’t fundamentally change the world work.


We also talk about Shift*Base, an initiative by the people at Post*Shift where they share their collective knowledge.

In order to run a business like Post*Shift a lot of information is gathered and accumulated. This information can be found in articles, case studies and white papers.

I urge you to check it out.

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