Philips & Barclaycard on Digital Disruption – Real or Hype?

In our latest GDS Video Snack, Sasha Qadri asks leaders at Philips, Barclaycard and Ariadne Capital if digital disruption is real or just hype.


Digital disruption – one of those buzzwords that’s a frequent topic of discussion.  At our recent CIO Summit in Dublin, I asked a few of the C-suite if it’s something they are really seeing and experiencing, or if it is hyped up…

Ilona Simpson, CIO in Residence, Senior Advisor & Venture Partner, Ariadne Capital:
Digital disruption is very real and it’s happening as we speak. It started happening a while ago. One of the exciting things about technology now is that it has the opportunity to drive business success and tangible results as opposed to being an enabler in the background supporting things happening”.

Anosh Thakkar, VP, CTO, Head of Architecture & Platforms, Philips:
It’s very much real. For Philips it’s very real as we have already disrupted. We’ve moved away from our core business which is lighting to health technology business and digital is a key enabler for that”.

Pravina Ladva, CIO Barclaycard Business Solutions:
I think digital disruption is real…there are customers and clients asking us – people want convenience for what they want when they want it. The pace of life is so fast that they want things that will help them not hinder them. And often when you think about financial services it is a means to an end, it’s boring, last thing you want to do is spend 3 hours with your bank manager, so we need to think about innovative ways of how we make that interaction seamless, frictionless, and that’s where digitization plays a big part in what we do, so I definitely think it’s a disruptor”.

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