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So, before we wish you a Happy New Year and to spare you from yet more predictions for 2018, here’s a great piece from Rodrigo Brancatelli The Professional Conversations That Defined 2017: The 17 hashtags that captured the year on LinkedIn.  Real stuff that caught our interest and imagination. Meanwhile, here’s just one prediction – 2018 really will be the year of digital transformation and we’ll be here to connect you with the people, talent and resources you’ll need to make yours a success.  Watch out for our new platform coming in January!
Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year!
Tim Ellis, Founder, The Digital Transformation People

Why Britain must lead the fourth industrial revolution
Juergen Maier CEO of Siemens outlines the findings of the business led industrial digitalisation review branded ‘Made Smarter UK’ which suggests that the UK can and should play a leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Why of Transform and How to get ahead of your competition.
By Phil Darby
There’s a lot of talk about “transformation” these days. More than sixty percent of businesses claimed in a recent survey to be aware of the need to transform. However, the same survey revealed only twenty-odd percent actually planned to do anything about it. A case of burying your head in the sand?


A Security Governance Handbook for the CISO and the CIO
A new book from JC Gaillard offering a truly alternative view on how to organise and manage security in large firms and covering all key managerial aspects around information security, from the reporting line of the CISO to the role of the Board, and how to make it work in real life. 35 easy to read, bitesize articles available here:


Data shouldn’t drive all of your decisions
By Taddy Hall – Lippincott
The power of big data to enable breakthroughs in many aspects of managerial and scientific endeavour is staggering yet revealing the innovator’s gold of big insights requires small, not big, data.

Standing Ovation: McLaren Puts the Digital Orchestra into Action
By Michael Wade
With market pressures signalling risk of a slow demise, McLaren looked ahead, not behind. Michael Wade uses the analogy of an orchestra to help conceptualise how companies need to execute their digital transformation.

What’s really holding back today’s CIO from digital transformation?
Looking at the legacy barriers to digital transformation and in particular the vast amount of technical dept facing the incumbents.

The Digital Agent’s Manifesto
by Brian Solis
An exploration of the importance change agents for digital transformation to success. What are the challenges do they face and how will they succeed?

What’s your digital ROI?
By Nadir Hirji, Ph.D. and Gale Geddes
How to define the metrics and measure the ROI of your Digital Transformation.


The people power of transformations
A new survey suggests that for their transformations to succeed, organisations need employee buy-in at all levels, consistent communication, and better people strategies. It’s all about the people!


The Rise Of Adviser Brands In The Mobile Journey
“In micro-moments, utility is the new viral. Adviser brands that understand mobile customers and their real-time needs will attract more than attention. They’ll earn reciprocity, and, these days, that’s priceless” ~ Brian Solis


Bitcoin: Currency of the Future or Investment Mania? Bill Miller’s Transformative Innovation Case
After extensive research on digital currencies, legendary value investor Bill Miller has decided Bitcoin has passed enough tests to potentially reshape the global currency markets. He explains why and describes his investment approach.

The Internet of Things: The future of crime?
“I helped invent the Internet of Things. Here’s why I’m worried about how secure it is”.
The ultimate goal is to live in not just a smart home, but a ‘Smart City’ where everything is constantly connected , which in turn can lead to a ‘Smart Nation’, where cities are connected to one another.  What happens however when someone has access to all your connected devices?

51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions For 2018
By Gil Press
“AI is like water or the air around us — it’s not a category, but it’s everywhere and will be embedded in most software we use whether we know it or not”—Ed Sim, founder, Boldstart Ventures



Why digital transformation is now on the CEO’s shoulders
By Thomas M. Siebel
Digital Transformation is increasingly being driven from the top; personally mandated by the CEO. This is something new and necessary if your transformation is to be a success.

What Boards Need To Know About Digital Transformation 
This document defines digital transformation, outlines competitive advantages and provides in-depth questions to facilitate discussions between the board and management – focusing on strategies for an ambitious and successful future.

A CEO guide for avoiding the ten traps that derail digital transformations
Transforming your business has risks. Successful leaders know how to spot and more importantly how to avoid them.


Developing Resourcing Strategically
With so many employers facing challenges in hiring the talent they need, having a genuinely strategic approach to resourcing has never been more important. Matt Alder talks to John Wallace, veteran of RBS, Tesco Bank, Barclays and author of “Hire Power”, a new book on the impact of strategic resourcing on the success of the modern enterprise.

What Skills Will Managers Need In The Future
By Jacob Morgan
As employees demand more flexibility and hierarchies disappear, the role of the manager is changing, and managers need to adopt new skills to keep up.

“To be successful, you want to be complementary and scarce to something that is ubiquitous and cheap”
~ Hal Varian


The Essential Digital Strategies
Essential reading on digital strategies from Dion Hinchcliffe.
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