News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #41

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #41

With the circumstances that we all find ourselves in at the moment, our first message to all of our readers is that we wish you well and hope that you and your family stay safe. This issue sets out to connect you to some practical advice on how to enable and cope with home working. We also share some commentary on the impact of the Coronavirus and share some hope for the future.

You’ll also find some articles to help you reflect on how you can transition your business to harness the power of platforms, ecosystems and real currency of customer value which is trust.

And to keep you interested and learning during your time at home please do visit the leading Digital Transformation podcast series and peruse some of the excellent executive briefing  book summaries prepared for you by our very own Neil Rainey.

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A Guide To Remote Working During Covid 19
By Dion Hinchcliffe of Constellation Research 
Dion Hinchcliffe  talks through effective strategies, tools, and techniques you can use to help workers stay productive remotely

Remember to check in with each other. Some encouraging and warm words from Simon Sinek reminding us that just because we are now working virtually doesn’t have to mean impersonal.

If you need help connecting with any service providers or people with skills who can get you through this crisis then contact us and we’ll introduce you to people in our network who can help. 

Remote working & facilitation – FREE webinar event – 19 March
A free webinar on the 19th March from Angela Prentner-Smith of This is Milk as she shares share her learnings and tips on how to facilitate meetings and workshops remotely. Please note it will be recorded and available after the event.

Staying Home with the Kids: The Coronavirus Lockdown Survival Guide
Perhaps the most useful advice of all for many of us from Antonina Mamzenko. A practical guide with lots of ideas to get you through

How Will Things Be Different When It’s All Over?
How to navigate the Covid 19 crisis and beyond. Some encouraging signs from China in the piece from the BCG Henderson Institute

How Do You “Design” a Business Ecosystem?
If designing a traditional business model is like planning and building a house, designing an ecosystem is more like developing a whole residential district. Another excellent article from BCG Henderson Institute to show you how.

And here’s an explanation of How Apple transformed their business model and economic performance by applying platform thinking from Simon Torrence

Business Models and Trust
John Hagel highlights the role of this business model evolution in restoring trust in our corporations. A deeply thought out piece and roadmap to how some corporations who build customer trust into their business models will win.

Zone Management: Mind Your Metrics—Hard and Soft
Geoffrey Moore author of Zone to Win takes us through the rationale for zone management and how as we organise for transformation we need to create four distinctly different zones of activity, each with its own mission and different metrics.

Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions
And finally, if your job is to lead through this time of crisis and take your organisation forward for transformation and a new competitiveness beyond it then you may like this piece from HBR by Jennifer Jordan, Michael Wade and Elizabeth Teracino

And finally, if you have time on your hands why not use it to become a Certified Digital Transformation Leader with this excellent course by Rob Llewellyn.

Digital Transformation Online Course and Certification Programme

Stay safe everyone. Let’s hope it is all over soon and we can find health and prosperity together in the near future.


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