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News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #35

More news, views and how to’s from the world of digital transformation. A focus on how to overcome the challenges of orchestrating digital transformation from some renowned thought leaders and practitioners. Watch out too for the Leading Digital Transformation podcasts where you can listen and read the full transcripts as Rob Llewellyn teases the best insights from some of our leading thinkers in the field.


How to achieve digital transformation in large and complex organisations: An Interview With Roland Deiser 
Leading Digital Transformation Podcast Series
Roland Deiser founder of the Center for the Future of Organization, senior Fellow of the Drucker School of Management he explains why digital transformation is distinct from previous transformational events and discusses the “ambidexterity challenge” – how to achieve agile architectures and why the ability to manage boundaries is a core element in the orchestration of successful transformation.


The Emergence of the Market-Oriented Ecosystem (MOE) Organization
By Dave Ulrich
Co-author of his forthcoming book ‘Reinventing the Organization’, Dave Ulrich explains how organisations must reinvent themselves as market-orientated ecosystems to leverage the power of collaboration and purpose in their people to harness opportunities and win in the marketplace.

Herding Leopards
By Peter Murchland
You’ve heard the phrase ‘herding cats’, well in transformation there’s a whole new category of difficulty and Peter Murchland explains how to rise to the challenge.


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Stoking the fire for innovation excellence: an interview with Braden Kelley
By Braden Kelley
Another in our Leading Digital Transformation series as Rob Llewellyn interviews Braden Kelley on stoking the fires for innovation.
“Those organisations that struggle with innovation are the ones that start at the beginning; when it comes to innovation you need to start at the end…. It’s not about asking people for ideas, it’s about standing ready to actually fund and execute those ideas

Embracing Uncertainty
By Janka Krings-Klebe
“Uncertainty is so pervasive that it turns mainstream management practices of meticulously planning, organizing and controlling resources for highly efficient value creation, into a fundamental weakness. In today’s dynamic markets, these outdated habits will kill European businesses more reliably than anything competitors or customers might do”

Blockchain Business Series: The Business of Blockchain Business Models
By Nitin Gaur
Every industry is looking at blockchain as a technology platform that will either transform the industry (cost efficiency, compliance costs, transparency, etc.) or disrupt it (disintermediation, creation of new intermediaries, co-creation models, etc.) Nitin Gaur Director, IBM WW Digital Asset Lab shares his thoughts on the Business of Blockchain Business Models


When Waterfall Principles Sneak Back Into Agile Workflows
By Steve Blank
AgileFall is an ironic term for program management where you try to be agile and lean, but you keep using waterfall development techniques. It often produces a result that’s like combining a floor wax and dessert topping.


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How to create a movement that drives transformational change: An interview with Greg Satell
By Greg Satell
Rob Llewellyn speaks with Greg Satell, international keynote speaker, best selling author and advisor for digital transformation. A fascinating interview as Greg speaks about his new book Cascades, what inspired him to write it and his key insights into the power of network cascades to drive transformational change.

Give it up. Creativity, passion and a sense of purpose
By Karen Ferris
More from her ‘Give it up’ model, Karen Ferris shares more thoughts on how to transition people through constant change away from ‘command and control’ and towards effective delegation nurturing trust in true leaders.

The Danger of not Listening in a Time of Change
By Jonas Bladt Hansen
An explanation of why failure to listen leads you to make wrong assumptions, why there is a problem with questions today — and why Jonas Bladt Hansen believes that context is king. “You can have the best strategy in the world, but if it does not make sense to people in their context, it doesn’t really matter.”

Scalable learning vs. scalable efficiency in the automation age
By George Lawton
The right way to treat employees in the automation age is not by deploying scalable efficiency, but by offering scalable learning. The first requirement: enlightened leaders. Thank you, John Hagel, for this one.

It’s Not a Digital Transformation Without a Digital Culture
By Jim Hemerling, Julie Kilmann, Martin Danoesastro, Liza Stutts, and Cailin Ahern
Embedding a digital culture in an organization is doable, but it takes a clear methodology and a disciplined effort. BCG describe the critical moves companies must make to build an enduring digital culture.


Your Organization Needs a Modern Marketer
By Kristin Gallucci
With an increasingly diverse and rapidly-expanding toolkit at our disposal, what does it take to thrive in the creation of meaningful connections between brands and consumers in the world of modern marketing?

If you’re not putting behaviour first it’s time to rethink your marketing
By Lynsey Barbour
“MARKETING & BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS – A fun read from Econsultancy on the burgeoning topic of Behavioural Economics and its direct impact on marketing and marketing tactics. Some of these are classic observations – people buy on emotion and then post-rationalize – that we so often forget. A great reminder indeed”.

The MAYA Principle: Design for the future, but balance it with your users’ present
By Rikke Dam
What can we learn from Raymond Loewy (1893-1986) who is often referred to as the father of Industrial Design? Loewy’s MAYA Principle teaches us to design products with just the right balance between the well-known present, on the one hand, and a new and innovative future, on the other hand, to ensure that we hit just the right balance for consumers to embrace our products. Thanks to Allie K Miller for the spot.


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Could Lab-Grown Brains Develop Consciousness?
By Shelly Fan
At what point does electrochemical activity in dissected brain-like tissue become conscious? A fascinating piece on the capabilities of cultured brain tissue. A glimpse into the future perhaps.  Thanks to John Hagel for the share.

The New Creative Machine-Learning World of GANs
By Cami Rosso
GANs are a recent innovation in the modern history of artificial intelligence introduced in 2014 by Ian Goodfellow and his team made AI history with their proposed new machine learning framework, the generative adversarial network, which consists of two artificial neural networks (ANNs) that compete, thereby simultaneously training one another. Cami Rossi explains why this is important.


How we hacked Google maps to recruit talent 
Picture yourself working here: A nice case study of thinking outside the box by Michael Wright, Opportunity Broker and Head of Talent Acquisition at GroupM.  With thanks to Jim Stroud for sharing.


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“Cooperation is just as important and just as prevalent in human society as competition.”
~ Alex Pentland, Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread-The Lessons from a New Science


2018 Platform Review and Forecast
By Peter C Evans, Geoff Parker and Marshall Van Alstyne
Peter C Evans, Geoff Parker and Marshall Van Alstyne of Platform Strategy Institute (PSI) speaking in Aug 2018 about the state of platform businesses
and their predictions for the next few years.

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