News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #23

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #23

More news, views and how to’s from the world of digital transformation.
In this issue, we start on a serious note by looking at a piece by Klaus Schwab of WEF who makes the distinction between globalization and globalism and urges us now to work together to deal with the consequences of both. Whilst we wonder at the challenges and opportunities of industry 4.0 for our own lives he argues that we also must also act to demand new forms of governance in order to safeguard the public good for all. So the theme for this issue of News In Digital is more sharing, caring and collaboration both in business and society as a whole.


Grappling With Globalization 4.0
By Klaus Schwab
The world is experiencing an economic and political upheaval that will not cease any time soon. The forces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have ushered in a new economy and a new form of globalization, both of which demand new forms of governance to safeguard the public good… we will have to move from a narrative of production and consumption towards one of sharing and caring.


Business model maturity
By Peter Murchland
The evolution of business model mapping across 4 models encompassing the old SWOT approach through to something more suitable for today’s more dynamic and collaborative environment.

Confident Innovation Teams Are Armed With Hard Evidence
By Alexander Osterwalder
Showing the evidence that customers would actually purchase a specific value proposition will serve you better than trying to perfect a prototype that may not in the end sell.

Platform providers need to think more about ecosystems principles and design
Paul Hobcraft puts forward the argument that platform business models need to increase the focus on the customer’s need and provide ecosystems for greater co-creation, collaboration and networking rather than just striving to be the dominant player.


How to make the right levels of investment for your Digital Transformation
By Andrew Salmon
“A vital ingredient for successful digital transformation is making the right levels of investment. To do this you need to have clarity in your planning and a realistic approach.” A checklist to help get you started from Digital Works’ Andrew Salmon.

The original Lean “versus” Agile for knowledge work — or is it “and”?
By John Coleman
If you’d like to know your Lean from your Agile with access to plenty of reference material to boot then John Coleman’s articles will be a treat for you.

The first 100 days of the new CISO: how to avoid the “curse of firefighting”
By JC Gaillard
How an incoming executive needs to approach such a complex role as CISO is a hot debate and should consider the broader context and organisational complexity of the firm as well, says JC Gaillard.


Social Enterprise: the opportunities of a purpose-driven bottom line
By Kristin Holter
Enabling employees, customers and shareholders to actualise their values makes good business sense. Please welcome Kristin M. Holter FCIPD as a new Contributing Author on The Digital Transformation People.

Building the vital emotional commitment of your Culture: The Stan Slap Interview
By Hilton Barbour
Hilton Barbour interviews one of the ‘most passionate and outspoken advocates for the business impact of culture’ Stan Slap, CEO of Slap Consultancy, who defines the 3 components of culture and how to get them to really work for you.

Workplace safety and data analytics – Creating a safe workplace environment from the ground up
By Matthew Gierc
Using data analytics will reinforce safety-driven cultures and help you get to the bottom of the root causes of incidents when they do occur.


7 Social-Media Trends To Prepare For In 2019
By John Hall
“To stay ahead of the curve, keep your marketing fresh, and make the most of your content distribution efforts, keep these social-media trends in mind as you prepare for 2019”

How to become a more effective marketer
By Mark Ritson
So many senior people who work on big marketing budgets explaining what effectiveness really looks like. Strongly recommended… By none other than Mark Ritson.

41 Social Media Experts Reveal Their Best Twitter Ads Strategy
Via My Tweet Alerts
Twitter is a mighty force in the social media armoury so here are some top tips from 41 of its master practitioners.


The surprising global forward march of facial recognition – Part 1
By Tony D’Onofrio
Tony D’Onofrio delves into the latest adoption trends of facial recognition in this first of a series which explores selected USA / UK retail developments and introduces FaceID as your computer cookie.

The rare form of machine learning that can spot hackers who have already broken in
By Karen Hao
Thanks to JC Gaillard for spotting this different approach to dealing with hackers. It’s inevitable that they will someday get in so let’s spot and contain quickly so that we can neutralise their impact immediately.

WTF is The Blockchain?
by Mohit Mamoria
The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain.


The Talent Shortage: Someone Else’s Problem
Whilst recognising global talent shortages most leaders express confidence that their own organization can meet its future talent needs, a view that could cost businesses dearly, according to a new Korn Ferry report.


What does a future leader look like?
By Richard Chiumento
Demands on leaders are very different to what they used to be even just 5 years ago. Richard Chiumento explores what’s changed and where the leaders of the 21st Century must excel.

“Boundaries between sectors and professions are artificial and are proving to be increasingly counterproductive. More than ever, it is essential to dissolve these barriers by engaging the power of networks to forge effective partnerships.”

― Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Mark Ritson: Gary Vaynerchuk is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong about media
Find out why Mark Ritson believes Gary Vaynerchuk is an idiot magnet for marketers and whenever he encounters a marketer who asks what he thinks of Vaynerchuk’s latest content, he knows he’s in the presence of the vocal majority in the marketing discipline who “cannot find their ass with either hand.” Roll on the debate Mark, we hope Gary takes you up on your offer sometime soon!

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