News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People Issue #15

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People Issue #15

Here we are in Summer 2018; the demand for Digital Transformation continues unabated and we are learning more and more about what it means to transform and become fit for purpose in this new era. It’s clear that the command and control method of organisation and leadership will not deliver sustainable transformation and that we have reached an age where enablement of the workforce is not only desirable but critical to maintain competitive advantage. In this edition there’s much more on how to achieve this enablement, engage your best assets and keep focused on the main drivers for your transformation; your customers.
~ Tim Ellis, CEO and Founder, The Digital Transformation People

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Mary Meeker’s Essential 2018 Internet Trends Report
“Want to understand all the most important tech stats and trends? Legendary venture capitalist Mary Meeker has just released the 2018 version of her famous Internet Trends report. It covers everything from mobile to commerce to the competition between tech giants.” Check out the full report and the highlights chosen by Tech Crunch.


How CIOs, IT Leaders Can Drive Digital Transformation Strategy
“Establishing a digital transformation strategy can be a daunting prospect for IT leaders and CIOs, but many organizations already have the technology – if not the culture – to get started tomorrow” said analysts at the third annual Gartner CIO & IT Summit last month.

Digital, Organizational And Agile Transformations: Intertwined
Forbes found that 31% of organizations who qualify themselves as highly agile have increased earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization by 20% or more. Meanwhile, regarding organizations that categorize themselves as having average agility, only 1% met this growth metric. Where do you stand on the agility scale?


A medley of excellent pieces on Agile, Lean and Design Thinking plus a video highly recommend by John Coleman, Agility Strategist.

Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together
By Jonny Schneider

Why Scrum Is No Longer My First Choice
By Paul Burgess

Can we finally stop launching “minimum viable products”? The fact is, users hate them.
By Rand Fishkin

And finally, don’t miss the Agile at Scale Podcast!
A conversation with Scrum, Inc.’s Jeff Sutherland and Bain & Company’s Darrell Rigby about their latest Harvard Business Review cover story:
Agile at Scale: A Conversation with Jeff Sutherland & Darrell Rigby


Designing the Digital Workplace for the End-to-End Employee Experience
“Organizations that go from an accidental digital workplace to a more designed one will have much better results with their overall employee experience as well as targeted use cases (typically sales, project management, operations, product development) that have both high impact and strategic significance to the organization” ~ Dion Hinchcliffe

The Gig Mentality Is Growing Inside Organizations
There are clear benefits in the gig economy for both the individual and the organisations for whom they work.  Jane McConnell discusses how this new way of working and mindset are becoming integral to the way a new breed of permanent employees work as well.

Change the Old or Build the New?
Lee Bryant describes the 3 Main Change Models for complicated, multi-level management hierarchies, but to successfully challenge and transform an organisation that is stuck in legacy thinking is hard and even the most courageous, intelligent and dynamic managers struggle to find a way through.


Digital Darwinism Puts Banks and Credit Unions at Risk
Some good insights from the banking sector on what it will take to survive digital disruption.
“Over the years, in my research of corporate innovation, digital transformation and service innovation, I’ve found that the most progressive organizations are prioritizing customer experience as a means of orchestrating focused advancement.”
~ Brian Solis.

I studied 21 world-class content marketers for more than year. Here’s what I learned…
“This is one of the biggest and baddest articles I’ve ever written on Content Marketing. It’s listed as a 16-minute read on Medium and it’s worth every minute. I promise you…” ~ Ryan Hanley

Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work
By Phil Darby
Some practical advice on getting the best out of content marketing because secretly Phil Darby knows it does work if you can get it right.

What Generation Z can teach you about Marketing
By Natalie Smithson
Gen Z are the first real ‘digital natives’ so they’ll have a thing or two to teach us about marketing in today’s app laden, platform centric, social media buzzing world.


Google finds that as artificial intelligence gets more advanced it gets more aggressive
Google’s DeepMind has been studying the propensity for more advanced AI to use aggression to beat its less able rivals.

Google Assistant Making Calls: Demo
Phenomenal!  Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai make a couple of calls with the Google Assistant at Google I/O 2018 .. AI and voice passing as human intelligence for a complex task handling the nuances of conversation as well.

Are algorithms hacking our thoughts?
Three algorithmic processes and the ways in which they’ve hacked their way into human thinking – hijacking our behaviour.


Solving for the right talent is a hot mess. Here’s why
“Why do we continue to see problems in recruiting the best talent at a time when we are experiencing great change? Is there a software fix or are we staring at a deeper problem?”  By Den Howlett of Diginomica

Have I Got Interim Digital Views for You
Is bringing a Digital Interim on-board just what you need to get your company’s “digital wheels” in motion? asks James Coughlan

How to finally remove bias from Talent Acquisition?
How some forward-thinking organisations are managing to remove the obvious unconscious bias factors such as race, ethnicity or gender from their hiring processes. By ProFinda’s Rob Hill


Building the Leader of the Future
“Leaders face a complex and ever-evolving business environment that can overwhelm them professionally and personally. Those charged with developing the next generation of leaders have a dizzying set of theories and methods to choose from to develop leaders.” ~ Mike Prokopeak

CFO & CIO Partnership: How to unite for competitive advantage
by Nicole Sharon Schultz
CFO & CIOs can have very different perspectives on things. Here are three steps for CFOs and CIOs to help establish the mutual understanding needed to give each other the necessary support and build an effective partnership.

Navigating a Career Transition as an Exec
by Rialto’s Richard Chiumento
It is a myth that those working at the executive level know exactly how to secure their next position. Do you know what your personal compelling proposition is or how best to leverage your network to secure your next opportunity? You may need some help.


What Is Disruptive Innovation?
A seminal piece by Clayton M. Christensen author of the classic The Innovator Dilemma and colleagues from The Harvard Business Review.

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