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News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People Issue #12

More hand picked news, views and how to from The Digital Transformation People. We’re proud to feature new contributors on the platform as well as bringing more practical insights and expertise on leadership, strategy, privacy and GDPR to name a few. The world is changing and it’s great to host a community of experts whose contributions can help us all navigate a clearer path to successful transformation.


The Facebook scandal and why we need to get better at social system design
By Lee Bryant
In light of recent news and events with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, Lee Bryant, CEO of Shift*Base wonders how to “design resilient social systems that amplify the good, not the bad in us, and do not centralise the power of networks and communities in the hands of those that might be tempted to mis-use it”.


Required – A Powerful Innovation Story
Braden Kelley explains how to craft a compelling innovation story and why it’s so important that you do.

6 Digital Strategies, and Why Some Work Better than Others
By Jacques Bughin and Nicholas Van Zeebroeck
Are you big and bold? To be successful in digital transformation you might have to be!


CISOs: What you can control – and what you can’t – in GDPR
By Christopher Hodson
Chris Hodson takes a CISO’s view of GDPR and clears up some of the confusing rhetoric that prevails around it.

The 10th Business Delusion That Deceives Managers
By Rob Llewellyn
Are you really undergoing a digital transformation or are you just creating a better version of the past? A fundamental question explored by Rob Llewellyn one of our foremost thought leaders on the subject.

The Digital Transformation Pyramid: A Business-driven Approach for Corporate Initiatives
By Patrick Turchi
As George Westerman states:
“When it comes to digital transformation, digital is not the answer. Transformation is” Patrick Turchi presents a framework for digital transformation to help you ensure that your transformation is a success.



7 Digital Imperatives That Should be Driving HR Now
By Jeff Wellstead
HR Transformation leader Jeff Wellstead outlines the growing importance of HR in digital transformation and the 7 imperatives that should be driving HR professionals now. Another great “How To”

Ownership of Digital and Creating the Right Organisational Environment for Change
Notes from the front line. Digital transformation veteran Richard Morecroft discusses the importance of culture, ownership, leadership, and talent, for success in digital transformation.


Artificial intelligence makes marketing more human – oh the irony!
By Brian Sollis
“With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), marketers have never had such a tremendous opportunity to humanize and personalize engagement. So, what’s holding marketing back?”

21 Actionable Google Analytics Tips That’ll Boost Your Sales
Neil Patel is a goldmine of information for any modern marketer. Here are 21 actionable How To insights for using Google Analytics that will make your life easier.

Why Survey Design is Like Pulling Teeth
By Alice Blackwell
Want to know about your customers? There’s more to designing surveys than meets the eye.
Alice Blackwell offers six reasons against non-researchers writing their own surveys.


A Brief History of Boston Dynamics’ Incredible Robots
Recent news from Boston Dynamic and a bit of robotic fun!

Once you understand the blockchain, you wonder why no one thought of it before
“Blockchains may not be pretty but they are, in the words of the architecture critic Jonathan Meades, sublime.” Paul Coletti explains why.

Human intelligence can’t be transferred to machines
By Nathan Gardels
“Why human intelligence can’t be transferred to machines: minds aren’t made by nervous systems alone but by nervous systems cooperating with many other and far older living systems of our body, including metabolic, endocrine, immune and circulatory systems” – John Hagel


The Digital Power Values for The New C-Suite: The Modern Mindset of the CEO, CIO, CMO, CDO, CCO
By Dion Hinchcliffe
“As digital has become core to the very foundation of how most organizations operate today, the nature of the leadership required at the top has fundamentally shifted along with it.”
Dion Hinchcliffe looks at the profound transformation in what is required to be effective in the C suite in today’s digital operating environment.

The First 100 Days of the New CISO
By JC Gaillard
If you’ve just landed a new role as a CISO here’s some practical advice and How To from seasoned practitioner JC Gaillard that should help you hit the ground running.


Talent attraction vs talent acquisition: The tide has turned
With over 40 years in the industry and still at the cutting edge, the man behind The Savage Truth – Greg Savage has plenty to teach us all about talent attraction for the the digital age.

Closing the Digital Skills Gap with Skill Development
By Daniel Newman
According to news from Capgemini, “54% of the 1,200 global respondents believed the digital talent gap is hampering digital transformation and competitiveness in their firms.”
Daniel Newman takes a practical look at what business can do to close that gap.


How can established businesses resist upheaval by new entrants?
By Michael Wade
If you’re an incumbent business feeling the threat of disruption then here are seven strategies you can use to fight back.

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