What to look for during a Business Process Review

These days most of the business organizations are having one or another kind of business transformation initiatives as part of their annual strategic agenda. During the execution of most of these transformation engagements, somewhere organizations will end up in the need of reviewing their Business Processes to make them much simpler, leaner and give better yield in reduced cycle time. 

What to look for during such Business Procefeaturedss Reviews ?

As an experienced Business Transformation Consultant i share my experience on what to look for which is given below:

1) Process adheres to standardized process format of the organization

2) Scope and Objectives of the process are well defined

3) Entry & Exit Criterias of the process are well defined

4) Inputs and deliverables of the process are well defined

5) Input Sources are clearly identified

6) Process Exceptions are clearly defined

7) Roles & Responsibilities related to the process are clearly defined

8) Success Measures/KPIs related to the process are clearly defined

9) Stakeholders for the process are clearly identified

10) System (s) used in the execution of process are identified

11) The Upstream & Downstream Systems that will have the output of the process as inputs are identified

12) Clarity of Process and Activities Description

13) Clarity of Process Flow Diagram

14) Risks related to the process are clearly articulated

15) Dependencies of the process with other processes are clearly articulated

16) Regulatory requirements related to the process are clearly articulated

17) Record retention requirements related to the process are clearly articulated

18) Triggers & Frequency of the Process Review is clearly identified

19) Process is supported with job aids such as Templates, Checklists, Guidelines

20) How the Process works now (What is working and what is not working)

21) Potential issues with the process performance (Quality Issues, Delay etc)

22) Non value added, Value Enabling activities present in the process flow

23) Potential improvement & automation opportunities in the process

Reviewing the above items related to a process will help us in having a fruitful business process review with an assurance of good results. Well defined and executed Business Process Reviews will help in effectively re engineering the business processes to address their legaciness and make them much lean that will help in improving Service Delivery & Product Quality, Productivity, Cycle Time, Resource Utilization, Costs, Customer & User Experience, Sales, Market Share, Revenue Uplift, Profitability and overall Business Operating Efficiency.

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