Goal Setting: The OKR Technique

A goal is a dream with a deadline. Goal setting is the primary step for effective goal achievement. It’s when you put your life into real action mode. Without this step, the supplementary steps of goal achievement cannot be achieved. Goal Setting is mandatory because:

  • It Gives Clarity On Your End Vision
  • Drives You Forward
  • Gives You Laser Focus
  • Makes You Accountable
  • Makes You Be The Best You Can Be
  • Live Your Best Life

If you want success, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding.

Think about it: Having a million dollars in the bank is only proof of success if one of your goals was to ‘amass riches’. If your goal is to practice acts of charity, then keeping the money for yourself is suddenly contrary to how you would define success.

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How to set Goals?


1. Set Goals that Motivate You
2. Set SMART Goals
3. Set Goals in Writing
4. Make an Action Plan
5. Stick With It!

Having goals makes you accountable. Rather than just talking about what you want all the time and not do anything concrete about them, you are now obligated to take action. Setting a specific goal gives you clarity on whether you are living up against what you committed yourself to do when you first set your goal.



How should Enterprise set Goals?

I have worked with Daffodil Software Inc. where we have implemented the OKR technique to set and achieve collective goals. I was amazed with those results and started practicing OKR in my personal and professional life.

I would like to share with my friends,how OKR technique can help you to achieve your business and life goals.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a management methodology that connects the work of employees to an enterprise’s strategic plan. OKRs help businesses to:

* Impose a disciplined goal setting process
* Clarify expectations for employees so they’re working on the right things
* Enable better communication and conversation through the visibility and transparency
* Establish indicators for measuring progress
* Connect objectives and key results throughout the enterprise



Objectives and Key Results (OKR)’s main goal is to connect the company, team and personal objectives to measurable results, making people move together in right direction.



A big part of OKRs is making sure each individual knows what’s expected of them at work. OKRs are kept public in front of everyone, so teams move in one direction and know what others are focusing on.

Successful digital transformation is a matter of knowledge and access to the best talent. We connect you to both.Click for more.

OKRs consist of a list of objectives. Under each objective then usually 3-4 key measurable results are listed. Each key result has a progress indicator or score of 0-100% or 0 to 1.0 that shows its achievement.

See the example OKR report and OKR template below for what that looks like in practice.

Is this the right time to Use OKRs?

It’s said if you’re looking to implement just one best practice management tool in your team or company, Objectives and Key Results should be it. Whenever you want your people to move in right direction, implement OKR and have the employees follow your vision.

No wonder OKRs have taken Silicon Valley and the rest of the world by storm. Who else has used it? First introduced at Intel. Made mainstream and popular by being used all across Google. Loved by many tech and mainstream companies from startups and SMEs to Fortune 500. OKR users include Twitter, Sears, LinkedIn, Oracle, Zynga and many others.

Successful digital transformation is a matter of knowledge and access to the best talent. We connect you to both.Click for more.

OKR’s is one of the best methods in the field of setting and monitoring team and personal goals. Introduced to Google by their VC John Doerr, OKR’s became a cornerstone of making Google management successful.

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. So start practicing OKR…………..

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