Architecting Enterprises

In December 2015, I decided it was time to start writing a series of articles on architecting enterprises with the aims of making enterprise architecting:

  • more readily understood
  • more easily practiced
  • more widely practiced
  • more beneficial to those practicing it

To that end, I started a series of articles which has developed into four series (so far).  This page provides an index to these articles to enable easier access to them and to related articles which readers may wish to explore.

Series 1 – Enterprise architecture – plain and simple

Series 2 – Enterprise Architecture – Digging Deeper

Series 3 – Enterprise Architecture – Principles 

Considerable interest has been shown in the article on EA principles, so I have also commenced a series which elaborates further on individual principles.

Series 4 – Enteprise architecture for Directors


Peter Murchland is a Director of Interface Consultants providing services which:

  • take a holistic approach to systems and people change
  • support enterprises in building capability to adapt, develop and transform in a changing world.

If you are interested in discussing these articles, Peter hosts a LinkedIn Group which you are welcome to join – see Enterprise-Modeling.

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