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In 2001 skier, climber and mountaineer Eric Alexander defied the odds and scaled Mt. Everest while guiding a blind friend to the summit. Eric spoke at the recent NG healthcare Payers Summit and shared the principles he learned that apply to healthcare.

Skier, climber, and mountaineer Eric Alexander is achieving his goals while playing an instrumental role in helping others achieve their own.

In 2001 Eric defied the odds and scaled Mountain Everest while guiding a blind friend to the summit. The next year, the two men climbed two more of the seven summits and skied from the top, the first-ever blind ski descents.

Eric shared his inspirational story at the recent NG Healthcare Payers Summit and what principles he learned that can apply to healthcare.

“I think really, the greater the obstacle, the more we have to pull from it, the more we have to gain, the more we have to make of us.  Now, what greater obstacle than to climb the highest mountain on earth with somebody who’s blind?  That was my friend Eric when he invited me. And in order to achieve that, in order to stand on the top, I’ve been able to pull principles out of that that I think really apply to where you are in healthcare as well.

And those would be…to be courageous, to be people of courage.  Personal courage for yourself that allows you to take that step, that bold step…maybe when nobody else will.

To also be people of trust.  To be innovators, people who think differently, with new ideas and aren’t afraid to bring them forward.

And lastly, the ability to persevere and continue on, even through hard times”.


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