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Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive, and happy life by Brian Solis

Famous for the concept of Digital Darwinism this latest book from Brian Solis is a gift in which he shares how to survive in a world of digital distraction.  Drawing upon a very personal story of near despair and diminishing creativity, Solis reveals much about himself as he describes his journey to rediscover his passion creativity and purpose.  The result is Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive, and happy life.

Beautifully written, compassionate and very open, Solis describes his own journey in which will you learn much about the man, his passions, goals and ultimately his purpose.  Most importantly you’ll learn how to re-engage with your own sense of purpose, passion and creativity as you discover the pillars of lifescaling.

“This book isn’t a rant about our relationship with technology. It’s a guide to re-centering our minds and souls, freeing ourselves of the barrage of distractions and rekindling our creativity.”

This is an important book not just because of the quality of its content but because it comes from a man who in the world of digital distraction has the voice to ensure that its important message is heard.

An enjoyable read, full of imagery,  highlights,  quotes and life wisdom.  Read it, share it and above all learn from it to find your own path to a fuller and happier life.

Brian Solis Lifescale Digital Transformation

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