Harnessing the Hidden Talent of Employees

Harnessing the Hidden Talent of Employees

There is a recent, common trend prevalent amongst organizations across the globe concerning employees leaving their cushy corporate jobs, seeking a taste of start-up life. Some of the key reasons behind employees taking such a bold step are:

  • Living the passion
  • Stressful job
  • Robotic routine life
  • Lack of clarity/growth at workplace
  • Curiosity
  • Society influence

If we analyse the culture of such start-ups, the insights provide a view of actual human expectations in terms of work environment, challenging tasks & compensation benefits which they wished to desire in their regular jobs. Eventually, start-ups end up offering their services to these large organizations not as their employees but as their clients thereby generating considerable revenues. Else, they might get acquired by some of them leading to a safe exit. The irony of such corporates is that they end up paying hefty price for the same piece of work to these start-ups which they could have managed to get done in a fraction of price by retaining the talent.

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Though some organizations have started taking considerable steps to promote start-up cultures within their structure, the struggle to retain the talent exists. The reason behind this concern is the changing generation. Gone are those days of top – down hierarchy structure where lower levels used to follow management instructions. The Gen Y (millennials) & Z desires an open, flexible & self-sustaining working environment free of traditional work practices. The digital technology disruption has connected the world leading to an exchange of thoughts & ideas amongst people across the globe at an immense faster pace. This has led to a broad shift in human thought processes & intellectual capabilities.

The organizations need to understand & accept this unavoidable generation shift and take measures to accommodate the change. Setting up Talent Harness Labs focused on understanding employees’ passions & taking necessary steps to ensure their passion gets an equal growth opportunity along with their skills. Harnessing the hidden talents can not only transform business process but, also maximize the use of employee potential. Regardless of the industry, successful organizations are those who are able to discover the talent within them and are able to leverage it effectively.

Passion, when combined with skills, always generates impressive results powered by innovation.

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