Getting millennial hires by giving back

Competition for talent is tough these days. Now that millennials are the largest segment of the US population, master of ceremonies Carla Curtsinger discusses why using a more value-based recruiting approach might prove successful.

Competition for talent is tough these days, and now that millennials are the largest segment of the US population, companies are using a variety of tactics to attract top talent.  Flexible hours, extensive on-the-job training, pets in the office even free food.

But, according to Shivika Sinha, Digital Marketing Director at Alex and Ani, a more value-based approach could prove successful.

During her workshop at the recent NG Retail Summit, Sinha said 90 percent of millennial employees want to use their skills for good, and over half would take a pay cut to find work that matches their values.  And millennials don’t just talk the talk, either.

The 2015 Millennial Impact report found these employees to be the most ‘community-minded generation’.  Perhaps that’s why corporate volunteer initiatives are becoming an important tool for both recruitment and retention…everything from group activities during the work day to paid time off to pursue individual volunteer efforts.

And according to the 2013 Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey report, everybody wins. HR executives surveyed said volunteering had a positive impact on both their company’s reputation and their employees’ individual skill sets.

Sinha called this trend conscious consumerism, our connectedness to the planet and its people, and indeed the future of work.

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