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With the current economic situation, diminishing pensions, poverty and the rise of machines doing human labour my thoughts turn to what it will be like for our children’s children who have to live on this planet in the future. If we think about the traditional way of living I am sure that it will have no place in the future, so what’s the answer to the question? Some have started to think about this question already, but have had very little success in gaining support. 

The most recent failure to attempt to resolve this question was when Swiss voters last Sunday rejected a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for everyone living in a wealthy country. It was an uneasy debate which touched on issues such as the future of work at a time when we are experiencing increasing automation.

The supporters of the proposal agreed that introducing a monthly income of some 2500 Swiss Franc’s per adult, no matter how much they work would promote human dignity and public service. Opponents, including the Government stated that it would cost to much and weaken the economy. Conservative Switzerland is the first country in the World to hold a National Referendum on an unconditional basic income, however others including Finland are examining similar plans as many societies have started to ponder a world where Robots replace humans in the workforce.

I am not really surprised by the current rejection of this proposal the world is still not really ready for this as we find that money is linked to so many power games around the world. On the opposite side I am pleased that a country has asked the people what they think of such a proposal and has made us start thinking about the question once again.

You can read more on this subject at it’s worthwhile to understand what it’s all about and who is investing the time and effort to discuss the question of the “Future of Work”





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