Video: Benefits of the smart grid. Key learnings from the NG Utilities Summit.

The smart grid will be a key discussion point at the forthcoming NG Utilities Summit Europe. In this latest video snack for GDS, Head of Summits, Rob McCabe discusses the benefits of the smart grid.

“Empowered Energy Use & Saving”

Unlike other grids and power distribution systems that do not provide any control to the users over energy usage, smart grids and smart meters enable utility consumers to be more in control.  They allow you to track your usage and determine ways to waste less energy. When you have control over power usage, you are definitely able to save energy and costs.

It can provide real-time pricing information helping customers to use electricity in reduced rates. Moreover, unlike other meters and electric systems that are unable to provide broad-scale charging to vehicles or other devices, the smart grid allows both, charging and recharging, anytime.

“Control over Climate Footprint”

Carbon emissions and fossil fuels have always been a threat to the environment. Smart grid aims to deliver environmentally friendly energy to users and businesses. This is possible because this technology allows integration of renewable energy sources such as wind farms, hydro stations and solar plants whenever and wherever it is required.

 “Minimum Blackouts and Outages”

Power blackouts and power surges had been unpredictable until the concept of the smart grid. This smart technology facilitates smooth, uninterrupted and constant flow of electricity and even if brownouts occur, smart grid applications are capable of managing them quickly.

“Easier Collection of Data”

With common power system, a utility worker needs to be at the location to see and identify the problem, but the smart grid allows real-time troubleshooting by enabling one to retrieve the event in the form of digital information. In other words, smart grids are independent of time and location and enable problem solving immediately.

“The Future”

Many countries have begun to make the switch to smart grids.

While this advanced power system is greatly benefiting the many developed nations, they expect more from this system.

Some of the expectations are that these grids will develop and enhance the ecosystem, give support to more applications, and handle the volumes of data created therein.

So – The smart grid is a giant leap in the field of power generation and supply. One of the significant yet less talked about advantages of this technology is how it is benefiting power suppliers as well.  This will be one of the key talking points at the NG Utilities, Summit Europe.  

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