Mobile enablement in the Digital age

Gone are the days when we used to carry big fat wallets filled with cash, coins, multiple credit cards, business cards, travel tickets, movie tickets, personal notes, receipts, papers with names, numbers, and the list goes on!

Mobile technologies have transformed the way we live, work, learn, travel, shop, and stay connected. More than 80% of our time is now spent on non-voice activities. Mobile is spearheading this transformation by getting businesses on the move and by connecting the enterprises with customers, partners, employees and machines.

Businesses are fast realising that they need to offer their customers cutting-edge mobile applications that will help them engage with the brand and its services, in near enough real-time.

Some innovative use of mobile in digitisation:

  • Payments – NFC payments, biometric payments using finger scans, facial recognition, voice recognition, retina based checks.  
    Major players in this space are PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc.
  • Virtual or digital currency
  • The tsunami of Apps from Google maps, to zomato helping us throughout the day
  • Live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope delivering targeted content to site-specific users which benefit both the consumer and the creator.

The Impact of mobile enablement:

  • With mobile enablement, a merchant can enhance your payment experience and boost operational efficiency
  • Real time communicating with the customer, can be greatly enhanced through mobile enablement. Businesses can quickly respond to customer complaints or questions through social media, or apps
  • By analysing the data generated by mobiles using Big Data Analytics, businesses can give a personalised experience to their consumers
  • Digital assistants like Google Now, Siri are helping everyone (when they get it right!)

Here are some industry stats:

  • Starbucks processes over 8 million mobile transactions each week, this data of mobile user behaviour to customer preferences, is then analysed by a team of data scientists for insights.
  • Coca Cola is using mobile apps for field sales folks, equipment service teams and knowledge workers and ads like Get Free Coke on your mobile
  • The emergence of hyper-local startups like Jugnoo, Zopper, Grofers and PepperTap using mobile-first strategies
  • Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America, Delta, Chipotle have their industry leader apps for fantastic customer experience

As the penetration of smartphones and the internet is increasing with 5G and beyond, along with ever changing shopping behaviours, the mobile revolution is here to stay and impact Digital Transformation further.

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