Learning from IoT

Companies are not preparing their workforce for the new IoT explosion, which is delivering hundreds of billions of devices and components directly to the heart of a customer’s business every year.

A recent IDC study put the cost of digital transformation at close to $2 trillion (trillion with a ‘t’) dollars by 2022. But this transformation will be one where millions of workers are expected to master new skills.

In order to optimize employees’ performance, companies can equip them with the right IT infrastructure and mission-critical software to improve what they do — and to address urgent and life-changing challenges.

IoT is reinventing industries and posing new “What-if” scenarios. IoT will impact everything — from how we operate and communicate, to where we shop and even the way we manage our health. And companies will need to enable and assess their employees’ skills and capacities to deal with these changes.


A lack of market-wide investments in skill-building technologies has created an infrastructure gap for IoT. IoT has, until now, been simply a “nice-to-have” technology.

Organizations looking to transform their own workplace have successfully sought more detailed statistics, cost savings, and efficiency benefits, but were reluctant to invest in building networks and certifications to support their connected business.

For example, IoT uses data harvested from millions of pieces of industrial equipment, instead of traditional controlled environments required for the classic learning, execution, and management of industrial machines.

In other words, an IoT environment is much more focused on pulling insights bottom-up instead of dictating rules top-down.

Learning is unpredictable; this applies both to the way that a workforce will acquire new skills, as well the way that unexpected insights will emerge with an order of magnitude more sensors collecting data inside industrial environments.

For companies to take full advantage of these unexpected findings, they will need to harness an investment in both technology and technology training.


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