Atom Bank COO on how technology is changing behaviour

At our industry summits, discussions frequently focus on how technology is changing consumer behavior and how enterprises can better position themselves to address this. In our latest GDS video Snack, Sasha Qadri, Editor at MeetTheBoss TV discusses this with Atom Bank COO Stewart Bromley.

Technology has transformed customer expectations. Today we want everything yesterday. Think Amazon Prime one-hour delivery, instant banking and being connected 24/7. I discussed some of these changes with Atom COO Stewart Bromley and asked him how he thinks technology is changing consumer behaviour.

Stewart Bromley, COO, Atom Bank:
“Fundamentally, the shifts, I guess, we’re picking up on is the shift to mobile, which is changing behaviour in terms of immediacy and being constantly connected and wanting to be able to do everything there and then.”

“It’s also about self-service. So, because of the way people operate these things, people don’t necessarily want to talk to people as they would have done in the older days. They’re more than able and educated to do these things themselves…. But also, people are turning to social media, people they trust, people like them and they trust them more than they trust a bank or any other type of institution. And therefore, the way that we’re picking up on technology is probably around those three things – mobility, immediacy, self-service, and social connectedness.”

“And therefore, in the app, we’re going self-service. You can literally type natural language and we’re machine learning how you say things – so, different language that people use.  We’re also always constantly learning which answer is most likely to give you the right response. So, again, we’re constantly using data in a way that’s constantly learning – self-learning – to improve the experience.”

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