Why choose an Android platform for your Mobile App Development?

5 Reasons to choose Android for your Mobile App Development

With the speedy growth of the global mobility market, businesses need to consider the Android platform seriously. By 2020, the growth of the mobile industry is expected to reach $140 billion. Android development has gained the upper hand in the IT sector with the onslaught of robust usage of Android devices.

Android is an open source mobile operating system with a vast user-base and a smooth mobile app development process.

Android Development is the most demanded and sought after career option for many youngsters and has gained an amazing momentum. Organizations are using this platform and building custom mobile apps that solve customer issues and raise value for their business.

One of the major contributors to this growth is the Android platform. However, enterprises that want to leverage gains from the power of Android mobility must roll out intuitive apps that they can use to channel the ecosystem to the preferred effect.

Organizations are using this platform and building custom mobile apps that solve customer issues and raise value for their business.

Here are a few benefits that enterprises leverage by investing in Android apps.

Open source: The Android platform for app development is an open source one implying that it isn’t just limited to simply the Android market. Moreover, it’s royalty-free. Open source platform facilitates developers and offers the liberty to be creative. Being an open source,

Developers can also interact with the Android developer community future versions that they can further amalgamate into their Android App development projects.

Customizable user interface: Android is made to deliver dynamic and customizable products. Applications based on the Android platform are extremely customizable and easy to manage. Google mainly focuses on making the user interface customizable to assist developers in creating custom Android apps for businesses.

It can be integrated into the existing systems as an addition to raising the functionality and can be executed as the stand-alone tool for organizing the processes.


Hassle-free use and installation: Android applications are resilient and flexible to be pushed and published in several ways. All it needs to develop an application in the ubiquitous. Developers have an easy time using Android because of the availability of tools that provide an easy way of improving, fixing and updating apps because of the facilities provided by Android tools.

Unlike other platforms that need lots of learning curve and set-up assistance, Businesses can ensure that their customers, employees and other important stakeholders can access and download their apps in a simple way without much hassle.

Facilitates simple integration: Nowadays, most business enterprises have multiple entities, processes, and departments. Distinct and separate systems or processes for every entity will result in needlessly duplicating the efforts and costs that are required to maintain these systems and create data silos and disjoints.

Companies can easily reach their target audience and optimize the experience without increasing their marketing budget. Moreover, Android apps have the advantage of being integrated in a simple manner. They also encompass a huge spectrum of networks.

Android provides the perfect platform for carrying out such an approach because of its resilience and ability to run on any device. The Android platform will help you eliminate the menace of data silos and allow a seamless and smooth flow of information across the business.

Improves customer engagement:  Even though mobile apps tend to revolutionize the internal workings of a business, their ability to increase customer engagement is usually underrated.

Among the various mobile platforms available today, Android is one of the most dominant players with approximately 84% of the mobile market share. It is without a doubt that the dominance of Android won’t end anytime soon.

Android apps provide a very great platform that helps in engaging customers effectively and efficiently.


Android platform is a more lucrative prospect for businesses, device manufacturers and even wireless operators. Android development is scaling high in recent days.

Having an android app design will make the process easier. An individual will have a business website that will be accessible to every user with ease, regardless of the device they use: smartphones, tablets, notepads, laptops, smart TVs, etc.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a service-based company or product-based company, having an android app for business is mandatory. It will function as a medium to reach maximum customers and enhance your sales.

This ensures that more people can visit your website which means that you will have more customers in the long run.

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