Six Criteria You Can Use To Assess GPT Readiness

Is your business ready to leverage AI? Here’s a guide to implementing GPT technology and assessing readiness.

Artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI’s GPT-3 are enabling new opportunities for innovation and boosting employee productivity by at least 37%. But companies must evaluate their maturity before broadly deploying GPT models across their organization. Maturity in this instance should be defined as GPT Readiness or your organization available broad infrastructure to capture the full potential of GPT and handle scaling and security issues. Data breaches cost on average $4.35 Million per instance, where an individual company can have multiple instances. GPT and similar applications allow dataflow and accessibility across unsecured networks.

With the rate of Generative AI innovation, having technical infrastructure alone is not enough – maturity across data security, infrastructure, business alignment, AI expertise, model robustness and data governance is equally critical. GPT has the potential to be your best friend or worst enemy without the proper insights. A GPT Maturity Assessment gives your organization an informed perspective on their readiness, gaps, risks and opportunities – a valuable foundation for strategy development and execution.

The 6 Steps to Successfully Scale GPT Technology:

Scaling up GPT and AI in your business takes careful planning and execution. Follow these key steps to maximize value while minimizing data security risks:

  1. Implement Secure Data Lifecycle Management

Have proper data governance with access controls, lineage tracking, and cross-functional workflows. Follow best practices for securely sourcing, labelling, storing, and monitoring training data.

  2. Build Technical Depth and Agility

Invest in skilled AI engineering teams, trusted model deployment frameworks, robust computing infrastructure, and rapid iteration processes. Ensure technical flexibility to deploy GPT seamlessly across applications. The right technical foundation fuels success.

  3. Align to Strategic Priorities

Analyze use cases where GPT can drive disproportionate value on key company priorities. Focus models on strategic goals vs. one-off applications. Set objective success metrics. GPT alignment accelerates progress.

  4. Cultivate Internal AI Expertise

Develop centers of excellence with cross-functional AI leaders. Offer training in AI strategy, ethics, and governance. Hire more technical specialists. Partner with AI advisors and industry experts. Internal knowledge unlocks full value.

  5. Make Model Robustness a Priority

Continuously monitoring models for drift and degradation with CI/CD pipelines. Perform rigorous bias testing and mitigation. Test for edge cases and adversarial attacks. Ensure explainability.

  6. Drive Adoption with Guardrails

Provide GPT access but maintain human oversight. Control model retraining to prevent unauthorized changes. Monitor for misuse and compliance violations. Manage risks while scaling usage.

With disciplined technical and security practices, you can adopt GPT safely, achieve business strategy alignment, and drive impact at scale.

Building a GPT Strategy

To scale GPT strategically, companies need maturity in each dimension. Strong technical tools alone will not suffice. With the right foundations, GPT can achieve organization-wide impact responsibly and ethically. But immaturity in key areas like governance, expertise, and strategy will hinder effective scaling and risk issues.

Companies should assess where they stand in each area and make plans to evolve. Improving AI readiness and maturity will ensure GPT models are applied measurably, strategically and safely across the business. But lacking maturity could lead companies into problem by deploying AI irresponsibly at scale while missing the full impact of AI on their industry that is accelerating their competition.  Building a mature approach to AI should be on every executive’s agenda. The future is powered by artificial intelligence – and companies must be ready or fall behind the curve.

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