Scrum Master role, Large Scale Scrum or not

I like Timothy Korson’s LeSS case study for pseudo-named “Cash In Comfort“.  There are all sorts of takeaways from it, which are listed in the case study itself.  In that case study, two sentences struck me in particular

“Scrum Masters are responsible for a well-working LeSS adoption. Their focus is towards the Teams, Product Owner, organization, and development practices. “

Note to leaders out there expecting Scrum Masters to only spend time with teams:

“A Scrum Master does not focus on just one team but on the overall organizational system.” 

That usually means working with the leaders’ leaders and leader’s peers, relying purely upon influence, hopefully on the coat-tails of their own leaders’ influence.

Team structures-1.png

Avoid containing Scrum Masters in a metaphorical cage, let them do what needs to be done, all the while partnering on what needs to be done.

One might be tempted then to appoint managers as Scrum Masters then. Elad Sofer’s VeSecurity LeSS case study discouraged that.

I think it’s better for Scrum Masters and managers/leaders to partner to bust organizational impediments, coach the organization, and provide real proactive support for key enablers towards our “almost impossible perfection vision”.

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