Digital Mastery

In their book “Leading Digital’’ George Westerman, Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfee describe 4 levels of digital mastery. The simplicity of their quadrant (below) makes it easy for all organisations to quickly assess where they sit in relation to their own digital mastery.



Travel, hospitality and telecom organisations tend to sit in the fashionistas square while utilities, insurance and public sector tend to occupy the conservative square. Manufacturing and consumer packaged goods usually fit in the beginners square while retail, banking and high technology organisations are more likely to achieve digital mastery.

Research quoted in this book indicates there could be over 25% increase in profitability for those organisations achieving digital mastery.  But how do you move from beginner, fashionasta or conservative to digital mastery or digital maturity? Digital Transformation.

We talk about the importance of using a framework when approaching a Digital Transformation project a lot.  This is because we have found that the most successful Digital Transformation projects use a framework to provide structure and process to manage and communicate the changing strategy, culture and capabilities within the business or organisation that is transforming.

We have developed our own Digital Transformation Framework to help organisations deal with all the relevant issues associated with digitally transforming in a coordinated way. The framework helps leaders to understand the digital environment and capabilities which are now available such as rapid testing, data intelligence and engagement methods to develop their organisation.

It is our belief that strategy creates competitive advantage, a culture of innovation sustains it and that technology and communication are the means to deliver it.  These are the basic building blocks of the framework.

The Ionology Digital Transformation Framework is an active one, not a checklist, meaning that all actions are inter–related, they affect each other and drive each other.  We talk about the concept of the “golden thread” of the framework, which weaves together strategy, culture, capabilities, innovation and communication with technology to support it.  It is only when these actions are brought together to help the organisation thrive can it seek to achieve digital mastery.

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