Video: CISO 2.0: Becoming the IT Security Business Leader

IT Security may be modernising and becoming board-savvy, as IT did before it.  But there is still no substitute for talking the most common language of business.


Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with some of Europe’s finest IT security leaders. The conversations were wide-ranging – from deep in the weeds on tech thru future gazing at the expected ramifications of EU-wide data breach laws. But one thing stood out: communication.

Paul Swarbrick is currently head of information security with UK financial services giant, LV. He spoke eloquently and passionately about the changing skillset of the CISO. The bottom line, he said: security as an industry is in the process of modernising and becoming board-savvy, just as IT did before it.

I think he’s right, and the public interest in and media coverage of data breaches and the like will help further understanding of information security, just as smart phones, tablets and apps furthered understanding of information technology.

But at a recent CIO summit, getting a seat at the big table – and buy-in from the board – was still on the agenda. Don’t mistake an understanding of the tools and techniques of your role for genuine communication.

The business may have a better grasp of IT security, but if you really want to connect, talking dollars and cents still makes the most common sense.


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