Doubling investment in cyber security over next five years underlines the continued need for industry support

Ian Glover, president of CREST, comments on the latest National Cyber Security Strategy announcements by Philip Hammond.

The reference to Cyber Incident response is important, but it is essential to ensure that any new incident response schemes are compatible with international initiatives. This is a global issue and we must address it on a global basis.

CREST also very much welcomes the emphasis on skills and growth at all levels of education. This completely aligns with our view of long, medium and short term strategies for introducing new talent into the industry and to improve the level of skills of those already working in this sector. For example, the government supports the CREST Digital Defenders initiative promotes cyber careers to school children, while the Inspired Careers portal – –  provides information and advice on cyber security careers at all levels.

CREST works as an important interface between government and industry to share knowledge and encourage true collaboration. This also helps to remove some of the potential issues associated with government as a buyer of cyber security services as well as a collaborative partner.

A closer relationship with the US is increasingly important as we share common problems and must pool resources and ideas to make sure we are addressing international issues with true international collaboration.  The cyber growth partnership is also a really important initiative and government and industry bodies must help promote the fantastic start-up businesses in the UK and explore how we can help them to scale up to operate more effectively on a domestic and international stage.

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