What is beBee? Will it become a viable LinkedIn competitor?

beBee is an affinity networking platform focused on merging business and social networking. Popular sentiment indicates that it is “LinkedIn with Facebook” or “LinkedIn and Google+ communities.” beBee allows users worldwide who share the same professional or personal interests to connect through affinity groups. The site freely allows communications from 3rd-degree connections which is a key difference from that of Facebook and LinkedIn.

beBee is designed to give users control over important features such as notifications, the type content they view, and how they interact with others of similar interests.
– Javier Camara Rica, CEO beBee

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Affinity networking focuses on connecting users and content based on personal preferences. Users are able to create Hives (the equivalent of Groups on LinkedIn) to share posts focused on a specific interest.

LinkedIn Statistics

beBee Statistics

  • Attracted more than 10 million users in its first year and has more than doubled its user base in the past six months.
  • 4.5 million users in Spain (compared to LinkedIn’s 8 million) and 3.6 million users in South America.
  • On target to add 40,000 new users each day in the U.S. by the end of 2016.

Being able to interact with people one does not know but who have the same interests is something new and it works.
-Javier Camara Rica, CEO beBee

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Closing Thoughts:

  1. beBee is a ‘flatter’ experience than LinkedIn, be it creating your profile or writing an article – ‘producing honey’ in the beBee vernacular.
  2. beBee’s mobile app is simple, has an intuitive user interface and user experience and employs solid mobile app best practices.
  3. beBee feels more approachable and connected to people at present. The affinity networking solution appears to focus more on communication than on content hierarchy and rules.

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