Still Waiting On Content Marketing? Here’s The Revenue You’re Losing

Don’t have a Content Marketing plan yet? Then you’re likely losing out on a big chunk of revenue each quarter. How much? Read on to find out more about our new Content Marketing Revenue Calculator.

What causes teams to wait on Content Marketing?

Sales & Marketing teams today have so many internal initiatives kicking around, that they sometimes lose sight of which initiatives really drive revenue. If you didn’t get enough inbound leads last quarter, then it’s time to take a step back and assess what’s working, and where you need to reallocate time and resources.

If you’re not already investing in inbound channels – like Content Marketing, SEO, and Community Marketing – then it’s time to get going.  Any marketing partner worth their salt will tell you that it can take anywhere from 6-12 months (sometimes longer) to see real, predictable inbound results, regardless of industry. So now is the time to document your strategy and launch a pilot program. 

What’s the real opportunity for Content Marketing ?

Once you’ve launched a strategic Content Marketing program, then the opportunity scales with your content production and distribution. The more strategic content you create, and the more targeted distribution you secure, the more qualified leads you’ll be able to generate, and the more revenue you’ll be able to drive each month.

How much revenue? Introducing the Content Marketing Revenue Calculator

We created a streamlined calculator that, with a few metrics from your Sales & Marketing team, will generate a projected monthly revenue that could be generated from Content Marketing.

Considering launching a Content Marketing program and want to quantify the opportunity? Want to compare your past performance to our calculator’s projections? Give the Content Marketing Revenue Calculator a whirl:

Then, when you’re ready to recapture some of that revenue, give us a call or shoot us an email to talk inbound marketing- the first hour is always on us

About The Author:

As the President of Socialight Media, Jed Singer has been keeping his clients at the forefront of social marketing for over a decade. Over the years, he has been lucky enough to work with the world’s largest and most social brands, including P&G, MasterCard, Ebay, HBO, and Facebook. He and his team help B2B firms map their online Buyer Journey and support their inbound marketing and sales enablement efforts with content, community building, and lead generation.

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