Personal Branding: LinkedIn Is More Than an Asset for Your Job Search

In addition to being an online resume and a tool to leverage when conducting a job search, LinkedIn represents an untapped opportunity to increase the value of you as a brand by providing a place for:

  • Building your audience,
  • Growing and deepening your network,
  • Publishing original content, and
  • Developing a reputation and authority to influence interactions and communication.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the process of creating a recognizable name for yourself (and your company) through online and offline communication to your network.

By authentically and transparently creating your online identity to reflect your true self, you are able to increase the frequency of interactions with people who have similar interests. Further, you are able to influence others by both improving their understanding of your interests and passions and demonstrating knowledge, skills and expertise.

LinkedIn Statistics (
LinkedIn Sponsored Content Datasheet 5.2.16)

  • LinkedIn has more than 467 million users
  • 130,000 posts are shared via LinkedIn’s publishing platform each week
  • 70% of professionals describe LinkedIn as a trustworthy source of professional content

Three Key Personal Branding Take Aways

  1. Be fearless. Trying new things can be daunting and actively engaging in social media and LinkedIn particularly is no different. As we have all learned when we try new things and take risks, the path usually expands our horizons and leads to growth.
  2. Experiment often. Digital communications on LinkedIn require both a science and an art. Master the skills needed to be effective and trial different tactics and techniques to achieve your goals. One personal example that I have found rewarding is leveraging interactive content like SlideShare presentations and videos integrated from YouTube in my written blogs to create stronger engagement with my audience.
  3. Find the fun in the journey. Like anything that requires your time and energy, it is important to enjoy the process and find the fun for yourself. Whether it is garnering new capabilities, reconnecting with old friends or activating new work relationships, LinkedIn enables you to both improve your personal brand and accelerate the frequency of communications with your network. And lastly, do not miss the opportunity to leverage your digital relationships to move the communications between online and offline interactions.


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