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How do you optimise your content for the mobile channel? At the recent CMO Digital Summit 2016, we caught up with Google’s Caroline Vicente to get her thoughts…

One of the items that’s been top of the marketing agenda for years now is content – in particular, how content can be optimised for mobile channels. It’s an area that many marketers are struggling with – a recent study from the Data Conversion Laboratory found that marketers are finding it tough to differentiate content for mobile devices; 37 percent are publishing the same content on all devices and 34 percent do not publish for mobile at all. Additionally, just 20 percent are optimising their content for mobile devices.

So how do you get the most out of your content in light of emerging channels? We caught up with Google’s Caroline Vicente at the recent CMO Digital Summit 2016, to get her thoughts on how brands are addressing the challenge.

Caroline Vincente, Director Digital Marketing – Insurance, Google UK:

“We do see that there has been a shift recently – especially when it comes to developing content that is fit for purpose for mobile platforms in particular.

We do see brands concerning themselves very much with making sure that they’re producing content that is true to their brand message, it’s consistent with their tone of voice, and translates well across the experience across different platforms. So, that’s one of them.

Video has become quite important as a means of conveying content to different audiences, so definitely, there is more of an appetite from various different brands within industries from financial services to automotive to produce more video content, because it is quite engaging in terms of format. And then, personalization and programmatic buying are enabling the delivery of those tailored pieces of the content to the specific audiences that they should be reaching.

So, we really do see a merger of new ways of producing content, new platforms, and new technology to enable targeting at a super personalized level and have that one-to-one relationship at scale.”

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