Neil Patel's seven advanced SEO tactics - Key takeaways

Neil Patel’s seven advanced SEO tactics: Eight key takeaways

Everyone knows that SEO is super competitive nowadays. If you just leverage the basic SEO tactics you won’t get results. Neil Patel’s recent video shares the seven advanced SEO tactics and we’ve cut to the chase and listed the eight main takeaways.


  1. User Experience.  Get to know your users – who they are and what they want.  Survey them.


  1. What Google is looking at – bounce rates, back button clicks (implies your users don’t like what they are seeing), pages clicked per visitor, how long your website takes to load. Survey your users and then fix their pain points.  This helps conversions/sales, provides better UX and therefore google rankings


  1. Schema Mark up

 “When a website has schema markup in place, users can see in the SERPs what a website is all about, where they are, what they do, how much stuff costs, plus plenty of other stuff. Some people have taken to calling schema markup “your virtual business card.”


  1. Take the most popular pages from the site and expand them – Use the key phrases from that article and put them into a site such as Ubersuggest – it will show you all the other long tail searches that are similar to that key phrase. Go back and introduce them to your original page’s content. “Expand the depth of that original page”


  1. Go to the pages that aren’t doing that well and add links in the better-ranking pages back to the lesser ones to help boost them.


  1. Utilise advanced animated infographics (these are like bog standard infographics but with a difference!  Some of the images are animated and as a result eye-catching when you’re doing that half-hearted scroll through LinkedIn posts)


  1. Roundup posts.  EG “50 Best FinTech Publishers” etc.  By contacting /tagging those 50 people featured they are more likely to share the post for you furthering your reach.  Onalytica are a really good example of these kinds of posts.


  1. Cut the dead weight.  Low ranking pages (even if you have been sending links to them to try and improve their performance but it didn’t work) – cull them.  Be ruthless!  Google will thank you for it!

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