How tech is helping bridge the sales-marketing divide

Puneeta Dighe, Director of Content Marketing Strategy at Time Warner, explains how data is helping bridge the traditional divide between sales and marketing.

Marketing technology – and more specifically, the rise of marketing analytics – is having a huge impact on the way brands deliver content to customers and engage with them on a daily basis. But joining the dots from marketing through to sales is still proving challenging for many organisations – as Puneeta Dighe, Director of Content Marketing Strategy at Time Warner, explained at the recent CMO Summit.

 “Marketing has realised it’s about the conversations, it’s about really telling a story well to get to that focal point or pain point of your consumer or buyer. Sales is in such a transactional world, or has been traditionally, that to get them on the same page as you as a marketer has been a challenge”.

Poor communication, broken or flawed processes, and a lack of common metrics have all been cited as key issues in the breakdown of that marketing/sales relationship. But thanks to the greater use of data and technology, the gap is now finally starting to narrow…

Puneeta Dighe: “About six years ago, marketing was all about how you design a direct mail piece, how you make your email look good, how you get the right photography into your email or direct mail piece.

Now it’s about what technology solutions can I apply to get that right piece of creative to the right audience.  It’s not about guesswork and intuition, it’s not about my gut; there are actually facts and figures that I can use to connect the dots from the strategy and the thought that go into marketing, to the actual results.

So it’s a challenge, but at the same time it’s a great opportunity for all marketeers”.


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