How much time should be dedicated to Influencer Marketing?

How much time should be dedicated to Influencer Marketing?

Hey there, everyone. For Tim’s Top Tips on influencer marketing this week, the question is: “what percentage of my time as a marketing comms professional should I dedicate towards influencer marketing?”

Well, I’m in Central Park in New York as you probably would have guessed and clearly, this park is central to the appeal that New York has to visitors all around the world. I think of influencer marketing in a similar way. It’s got to be central to your marketing communication strategy, but I started looking at the stats by putting in a simple keyword search into LinkedIn for job titles.

I found that 82,000 people have influenced marketing or influencer relations in their job title globally, whereas there are 62.5 million people in marketing communications according to a simple keyword search on LinkedIn. So that would insinuate that marketing comms professionals are dedicating about 0.001 per cent to influencer marketing if all of the people in influencer marketing are in marketing and communication roles.

I would argue that you should dedicate 10 per cent of your time to influencer marketing. The results are absolutely fantastic when you’re driving awareness and engagement in demand generation, building up credibility and trust with your end target audience.

But this is really a growing industry, so a lot of people might not put influencer relations or influence marketing on their job description, but it is a growing area and I would really advise you to spend at least 10 per cent and divert some of the content creation budget and paid media budget into building relationships with influencers and creating influencer-generated content.

So hope that’s useful. Please like and share this video and comment below in terms of how much time you’re spending on influencer marketing.  Thank you very much and see you next week.

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