How do you influence the C-Suite in B2B marketing?

How do you influence the C-Suite in B2B marketing?

Tim Williams, CEO of Onalytica continues his video series on Influencer Marketing with this week’s question: “How do you influence the C-suite in B2B marketing?”


“Hey there, everyone. For Tim’s Top Tips on influencer marketing this week, the question is: “how do you influence the C-suite in B2B marketing?”

Even though 2/3rds of the C-suites are on social media nowadays, there are still many people that look at the target CMO or CTO or CIO and then don’t see them on a channel like Twitter and think “why should we use the influencers on social media, if our entire audience isn’t actually on the channel itself?”.

To be able to understand how you influence them, you have to understand how these different social media networks work. So, if you created hero content with influencers, it could be a podcast, it could be an interactive eBook, it could be a video interview, then typically as a brand, you’re going to create a landing page as a blog post. And then the influencers that you’ve been working with are going to happily share this through LinkedIn or Twitter, for example.

Now, these influencers have very well integrated networks, so the wider influence of community are going to immediately (or within a couple of hours at least) share this content that your target influences have posted. Then, in turn, this content is going to be downloaded if it’s gated content by maybe some middle managers who could be a marketing manager or an IT manager or a security manager because they’re the ones who might have a twitter handle.

They might share the links by email or in a face-to-face meeting or on the phone with the c-suite in their respective organizations. So if you create the right content on the right topics with the right influences, you will successfully target your C-suite.

Hope that’s useful for everyone. Please like and share this video and comment below. I’d love to know how you influence the C-suite through influencer marketing. See you next week.

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