Creating your digital workflow breakthrough with buckets

Creating your digital breakthrough with buckets

Have you ever wondered how you can work “ON” your business? We’re often told that this is important, yet it is sometimes difficult to address.

And, it can get even trickier in the digital world, with all of the many things that ‘should’ be done.

So, how can you be a Digital First business and stay organised and stay ahead? How do you keep track of everything?

What can work for businesses is a digital workflow – an outline of all of the steps, or in this case, buckets, that you can fit everything in that needs to happen to build a resilient and future-proof business that gets stuff done.

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Here are the only pillars that you need to know.

  1. Strategy & Value
  2. Content planning, creation & Stories
  3. Social & sharing
  4. Branding, Videos & Visuals
  5. Website alignment
  6. Campaigns & brand value sequence
  7. Advertising, analytics & promotions

Throw everything that you do into these buckets, then manage the activities and focus the execution in these areas.

Most skills are based on these pillars, so it is much easier to find skills in your team that can then manage & implement each pillar. This can be a breakthrough moment.

Let me know what you think, and if you use something similar for your digital workflow, or feel that this might help you get a bit more efficient.

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