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Timing is everything – I had just gotten off the phone with a client discussing social employee advocacy, and the value it creates not just for Marketing, but across the org, when I stumbled upon this recent article from PeopleLinxLinking Employee Advocacy & CRM for Social Selling Success

I turned around and sent the link over to the folks that I was just speaking with moments earlier because it helped to drive home our conversation. 

[For consistency, I’m using the term “Employee Advocacy” throughout, but “Social Employee Advocacy” or “Employee Activation” are just as good.]

Employee advocacy – that is, empowering your employees to locate, consume, and share your firm’s online content through their personal and professional social communities – is typically seen as a Marketing function. Amplify your message. Build your brand. Harness the power of highly relevant networks.

But the conversation stops there. Rarely do firms grasp that employee advocacy can actually accelerate early Buyer Journey stages, even all the way through to a conversion or purchase.  

That’s where Kevin’s piece on linking the ecosystem between employee advocacy and the CRM hit home. Platforms like PeopleLinx enable Marketers to not only create an on-demand amplification platform for their brand messaging, but also impact each stage of the Buyer Journey and subsequent Sales Funnel.

Without a closed-loop system – achieved through integrating the right* pieces of technology – there’s no way to measure what impact your employee advocacy is having on the Buyer Journey or the Sales Funnel. 

*Note on the “right” technology – this doesn’t always mean “best-of-breed.” In reality, your needs do not always require best-of-breed, and your budget shouldn’t have to accommodate it. Our team can help you identify the “best-fit” Marketing and Sales platforms for a) your needs today, b) integrating with the systems you already have in place, and c) your needs tomorrow.


As the President of Socialight Media, Jed Singer has been keeping his clients at the forefront of social marketing for over a decade. Over the years, he has been lucky enough to work with the world’s largest and most social brands, including P&G, MasterCard, ESPN, HBO, and Facebook. He and his team help firms map their online Buyer Journey and design strategies for content marketing, community building, and lead generation.

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