MR Realities – "Conjoint Analysis: Making it Work for You"

Of the advanced methodologies we use in marketing research, conjoint may be the most talked about and least understood of them all.

MR Realities is series of podcasts in which Dave McCaughan and I discuss a wide range of topics important to marketing researchers with special guests.  We ask our guests questions you would want to ask, the way you would ask them, not just what we’re interested in.  And, we let our guests speak for themselves even when we disagree.

To help us get our heads around conjoint, we’ve invited an authority in the field, Dr. Terry Flynn, to join us in this installment of MR Realities.  Terry has co-authored Best-Worst Scaling: Theory, Methods and Applications (Cambridge University Press) and has published over 50 articles/chapters, many in top ranked journals in health economics, mathematical psychology, health services research and academic marketing that have been influential in research and policy. We think you will find the podcast insightful, useful and enjoyable! It’s audio only and no registration is necessary – just follow these links:

“Conjoint Analysis: Making It Work For You” (Part 1)

“Conjoint Analysis: Making It Work For You” (Part 2)

There was a small technical glitch about 7 minutes into the recording so we’ve broken it into two parts.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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