Marketing Mix Modeling: What’s It All About? – A Discussion with Professor Mike Hanssens

Marketing Mix Modeling is one of those things many of us talk about but few of us really understand. This is unfortunate since it’s relevant to practically every aspect of any business, even operations.

MR Realities is series of podcasts in which Dave McCaughan and I discuss a wide range of topics important to marketing researchers with special guests. We ask our guests questions you would want to ask, the way you would ask them, not just what we’re interested in. And, we let our guests speak for themselves even when we disagree.

For this installment of MR Realities we’ve invited Dominique “Mike” Hanssens, Distinguished Research Professor of Marketing at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. He is co-author of Market Response Models: Econometric and Time Series Analysis, and the author of Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact and other books and articles related our discussion. Mike has also made important contributions to the field of Statistics.

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He is a founding partner of MarketShare (now Neustar MarketShare) and, put simply, no one knows more about Marketing Mix Modeling than Mike. He has also won distinguished teaching awards and has a natural gift for making complex things seem simple. Despite his technical firepower, Mike is very practical and business-focused and not at all an Ivory Tower academic. We are extremely honored and delighted to have him as our guest. 

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