How can you use data and insights to enhance the customer experience?

In our latest GDS Video Snack, Sasha Qadri, Editor at MeetTheBoss TV looks at how companies can maximize their data use to create a compelling customer experience.



We’re living in an era where companies have a huge opportunity to create new types of competitive advantage. There has never been more data, more insight and more perspective available to enterprises to be able to shape better and more meaningful customer experiences. So do they get it?

We asked Maggie Buggie, Global Sales Officer, Digital at CapGemini:

“Our clients who are really winning in this space are those who understand that the way in which competitive organizations are built today are those that successfully put their customer or their end consumer at the heart of their decision making and use that external customer insight to in turn shape whatever their transformation roadmap needs to look like”.

Companies have realised they have an opportunity to create much more targeted and meaningful customer propositions. That can only realistically be the case if they access and use the data in the right way.

“Organizations that understand that data acquisition or rather the ability to interrogate data is only half the battle. What is much more important is do you confidently understand the way in which you must drive insight and then in turn create the governance models from which action can be both understood but also agreed and then governed throughout the organization to either respond to the customer with a different marketing campaign for instance, or a particular price promotion, or a particular offer”.

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