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Enhance Brand Perception with Content Marketing
Chuck Frey·13 November 2016·Customer Engagement
...director of brand marketing, small appliances, at Electrolux says: “For brands, it’s no longer a question of how you can use content to enhance the consumer’s perception of the brand, Read More...· 2,932 Shares
Perception vs. Reality in Business Resiliency
Daniel Newman·14 June 2017·Thought Leaders
...all business leaders, a “resiliency perception gap” (or the gap between executives’ perceptions of the effectiveness of their resiliency strategies and how successful these plans actually are at protecting against Read More...· 186 Shares
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Enterprise babelfish
Peter Murchland·23 May 2016·Strategy & Innovation
...and communication.  In these respects, it is helpful to appreciate aspects of: denotation and connotation perception and conception The first of these was drawn to my attention by Len Fehskens. Read More...· 5 Shares
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No. “Big Data” Does Not Support Chiropractic Care for Infants
Clay Jones·27 June 2019·Enabling Technologies
...that right. So-called clinical placebo effects do, however, give parent and practitioner alike the false perception of benefit. This is unavoidable when the majority of infant conditions that are claimed Read More...· 1,225 Shares
A Decade of Transformation in Robotics – OpenMind
Materia Openmind·19 March 2019·Enabling Technologies
...localization, meaning the vehicle can use its sensors to figure out where it is on the map; perception, meaning the vehicle can perceive the moving objects on the road; planning Read More...· 8 Shares
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Overcoming Public Speaking Fears
David Green·30 August 2017·Thought Leaders
...perception of public speaking and your perception of yourself in relation to public speaking. The mind goes in the direction of its most dominant thought, or as James Coburn once Read More...· 133 Shares
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Part 6 – Reinventing Work
Sergio Caredda·10 November 2020·People & Change
...analysis of the current perception of Work, particularly under the Covid-19 Situation, which you can now find in The New Discourse of Work Article. We will then explore how different Read More...· 0 Shares
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Why scientists need to be better at data visualization
Betsy Mason·12 November 2019·Data & Analytics
...give us a tailored perception of the world. In the early 1980s, Bell Labs statisticians William Cleveland and Robert McGill began researching how the particulars of human perception affect our Read More...· 464 Shares